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  • 1974
  • 6.2  (40)

Dil Diwana is a romantic film which revolves around the lives of two lovers, Ravi (Randhir Kapoor) and Neela (Jaya Bachchan). Ravi is a carefree young man who leads a Bohemian lifestyle and has no real aspirations in life. He is content with his current state and is merely living life one day at a time. Neela, on the other hand, is a hardworking and ambitious young woman who dreams of achieving success in life.

The film begins with Ravi and Neela meeting each other for the first time. They are instantly attracted to each other, and it isn't long before they fall in love. However, things take a turn for the worse when Neela's father, who is a wealthy businessman, finds out about their relationship. He is adamant that Neela should marry someone from a similar background, and tries his best to separate the two.

Ravi is heartbroken when he comes to know of Neela's father's plans. He decides to leave the city and start a new life elsewhere. Neela is devastated when she learns of Ravi's decision, but decides to focus on her career instead. She works hard and soon becomes a successful businesswoman.

Years pass by, and the two lovers cross paths once again. Ravi is now a successful musician, and Neela is a renowned businesswoman. However, both of them are still in love with each other, and their feelings for each other have not diminished over time. They soon realize that they are meant to be together, and decide to get married despite the objections of Neela's father.

Dil Diwana is a heartwarming film that highlights the strength of true love. The chemistry between Randhir Kapoor and Jaya Bachchan is undeniable, and their performances are top-notch. The music of the film is also noteworthy, with songs such as "Haseen Dilruba" and "Jiska Mujhe Tha Intazaar" being particularly popular.

The film also touches upon themes such as societal expectations, parental pressure, and the importance of following one's dreams. It depicts how difficult it can be to go against the norms of society, but also how rewarding it can be to follow one's heart.

The supporting cast of the film, which includes Satyendra Kapoor and Asrani, also delivers strong performances. The cinematography of the film is beautiful, with the picturesque locations adding to the overall charm of the film.

Overall, Dil Diwana is a must-watch film for fans of romantic dramas. It is a timeless classic that will continue to remain relevant for years to come.

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    6.2  (40)