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"Go...For...Your Gun Domino!"
  • Passed
  • 1957
  • 1 hr 14 min
  • 6.0  (302)

In the classic western movie, "Domino Kid," Rory Calhoun plays Domino, a former gunfighter who has sworn off the violent life in favor of a peaceful one. But when he is accused of a crime he didn't commit, he is forced to take up his gun once again and clear his name. The film opens with Domino arriving in the small town of Big Bluff, looking to start a new life. He quickly falls in with a group of ranchers who are being harassed by a gang of bandits led by the ruthless Kedge Darvis (Andrew Duggan). Domino asks to help the ranchers, but they are hesitant to trust him, knowing his reputation as a gunfighter.

Meanwhile, local saloon owner Barbara (Kristine Miller) takes an interest in Domino and tries to convince him to stay in town. But his peaceful intentions are put on hold when he is framed for the murder of one of the ranchers. Domino knows he is innocent, but he realizes that the only way to clear his name is to catch the real killer.

With Barbara's help, Domino sets out to track down the murderer and ends up crossing paths with Darvis and his gang. A tense shootout ensues, with Domino and the ranchers facing off against Darvis and his men in a dramatic showdown.

"Domino Kid" is a classic western tale of good vs. evil, with Rory Calhoun giving a standout performance as the reformed gunfighter caught in the middle. The film's stunning landscapes and authentic western setting transport viewers to another time and place, while the action-packed storyline keeps them on the edge of their seats.

Overall, "Domino Kid" is a must-see for fans of western movies and anyone who enjoys a thrilling, suspenseful story. With its strong performances and stunning visuals, it is sure to stand the test of time and remain a favorite among moviegoers for generations to come.

Domino Kid
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    1 hr 14 min
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    6.0  (302)