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"A monster statue of bronze and stone...A fabulous fortress 20 stories tall!"
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  • 1961
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Il Colosso di Rodi is a 1961 Italian sword-and-sandal film directed by Sergio Leone. The movie tells the story of a Greek military hero named Darios (played by Rory Calhoun), who returns to Rhodes to find that its people have been enslaved by a tyrant named Serse (played by Georges Marchal). In order to rescue his people, Darios joins forces with a rebel leader named Diala (played by Lea Massari).

The film is set in 280 BC on the island of Rhodes, where the people are subjected to ruthless oppression by Serse and his forces. Darios, who had been away fighting in Rome, returns to Rhodes and is immediately imprisoned by Serse. Darios' good looks and physical strength immediately attract the attention of Serse's sister, Thalima (played by Conrado San Martín), who tries to seduce Darios in order to win his allegiance. However, Darios remains loyal to his people and escapes with the help of Diala.

As Darios begins to organize the resistance against Serse, he learns that the tyrant is planning to construct a giant bronze statue, the Colossus of Rhodes, to celebrate his victory over the people of Rhodes. This colossal statue, and its subsequent destruction, is the climax of the film.

The film's production values are impressive, and director Sergio Leone's use of close-ups and dramatic cinematography gives the movie a dynamic feel. The Colossus of Rhodes is a towering figure, and the scenes of its construction and destruction are among the most memorable in the film. The action scenes, while not as elaborate as those in later sword-and-sandal films, are still thrilling and well executed.

However, the film is not without its flaws. The acting, while serviceable, is not particularly standout. Rory Calhoun, while a handsome and charismatic lead, is not given much depth to his character. Lea Massari, meanwhile, plays the role of The Girl, a stock character in sword-and-sandal films who exists solely to provide motivation for the hero. Georges Marchal, as the villainous Serse, is more effective, with his intense gaze and commanding presence.

Overall, Il Colosso di Rodi is an entertaining sword-and-sandal film that is notable for its impressive production values and iconic imagery. While it may not be as sophisticated as some later entries in the genre, it still delivers plenty of action, romance, and spectacle.

Il Colosso di Rodi
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