Dream Man

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This is not your typical whodunit. Dream Man showcases a female psychic detective whose clairvoyant talents allow her to see crimes as they are being committed. When her new case drags her into a world full of intrigue, romance and death, the circumstantial evidence points to a suspect, but the detective is plagued with psychic flashes that convince her he's innocent. Things really heat up when a new body is found, the victim killed with a knife from the suspect's kitchen. As events unfold, the detective comes to face the truth that someone is using her psychic abilities to get away with murder.

| 1995 | 1 hr 34 min | 4.7/10
Patsy Kensit, Bruce Greenwood, Andrew McCarthy, Denise Crosby
Rene Bonniere
Dream Man
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Also directed by Rene Bonniere

Also starring Patsy Kensit