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  • 1978
  • 1 hr 43 min
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Ecce bombo is a 1978 Italian comedy-drama film directed by Nanni Moretti, who also stars in the film as a semi-autobiographical character named Michele. The film follows Michele's attempts to navigate through the struggles of young adulthood in late-1970s Rome. Through a series of vignettes, the film explores themes of love, politics, family, and the search for meaning in life.

The film begins with Michele still living in his parents' home, struggling to find a job and make sense of his place in the world. He spends his days aimlessly wandering around Rome, hanging out with his friends, and attending classes at university. Michele's lack of direction becomes increasingly apparent as he struggles to find a meaningful relationship, cope with his father's infidelity, and come to terms with the death of his grandfather.

Throughout the film, Michele is constantly surrounded by a cast of eccentric characters who represent different facets of Italian life. His best friend, Carlo (Luigi Diberti), is a politically active Marxist who tries to recruit Michele to his cause. His parents are a source of comic relief as they bicker over petty matters while ignoring the bigger problems in their lives. And the women in Michele's life—his girlfriend Silvia (Luisa Rossi) and his crush Michela (Lina Sastri)—are both sources of confusion and frustration for him.

In one particularly memorable scene, Michele and Carlo attend a rally for Italy's Communist Party. As the crowd chants and sings in unison, Michele becomes lost in the moment and convinces himself that he has found a purpose in life. However, his newfound commitment to the cause quickly fades when he realizes that his dream of revolution is not as simple as he thought.

As the film progresses, Michele's experiences become more and more absurd. He becomes involved in a bizarre photo shoot for a magazine, is hypnotized by a spiritual healer, and has a surreal encounter with a group of nuns. Through these experiences, Michele begins to understand that life may not have a simple solution or meaning, but rather it is a constantly evolving journey that requires patience and openness.

The film's style is reminiscent of the Italian neorealist movement, with a focus on everyday people and situations. However, Moretti's use of humor and self-reflection sets the film apart from traditional neorealist works. The film's title, Ecce bombo, is a reference to "Behold the Man," the words that Pontius Pilate utters when he presents Jesus to the crowd before his crucifixion. The use of this phrase is meant to highlight Michele's sense of lostness and lack of direction, as well as the existential questions he grapples with throughout the film.

Overall, Ecce bombo is a charming and thought-provoking film that captures the essence of coming-of-age in 1970s Italy. Its exploration of themes such as politics, family, and love are still relevant today, and its humor and surrealism provide a refreshing take on the neorealist style. The film solidified Moretti's reputation as a filmmaker to watch and remains a classic of Italian cinema.

Ecce bombo
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