Eight Crazy Nights

"It's naughty. It's nice. It's animated."

Eight Crazy Nights, was an animated feature that was first released in 2002. It is a film written and produced by actor/comedian Adam Sandler, of 'Saturday Night Live' fame. The film is based on Sandler's hugely successful song, 'The Chanukah Song'. The basic premise of both 'Eight Crazy Nights' and 'The Chanukah Song' is referring to the Jewish holiday of Chanukah. This holiday falls close to Christmas, and lasts eight nights. Candles are lit on each night of Chanukah, and often times presents are doled out on each night. 'Eight Crazy Nights' features the voice and likeness of Adam Sandler. The main character of this film is a problematic man, named Davey Stone. He is a 30 something, who has racked up a long criminal record and has substance abuse issues. The film opens with Davey doing a 'Dine and Dash' at local Chinese restaurant in his small New Hampshire town. Coincidentally, Sandler was also raised in New Hampshire.

The owner of the restaurant, a Mr. Chang, voiced by another 'Saturday Night Live' alumni, Rob Schneider. Chang is determined to seek retribution from Mr. Stone. While Davey Stone was trying to make a fast getaway from the restaurant, he destroyed some property, namely a Chanukah Menorah and Santa ice sculpture. Shortly before Stone is about to hear his sentence, another of the film's characters comes to his rescue. An elderly man by the name of 'Whitey Duval'.

This character is also voiced by Sandler. The two characters association dates back to Stone's days playing youth basketball, Duval was coach. The judge hearing the case, voiced by actor 'Norm Crosby' agrees to allow Stone to do some community service, assisting Duval with his basketball leagues. The film chronicles various mayhem that Davey is involved in while he tries to stay out of jail performing his community service. Jackie Titone, Sandler's real life wife, provides the voice of Davey's childhood girlfriend.

| 2002 | 1 hr 16 min | 5.4/10
Seth Kearsley
Eight Crazy Nights

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