Exterminating Angels

Exterminating Angels is a French film that features the quest of a filmmaker to capture female pleasure on the camera. In this daring drama, a filmmaker named Francois decides that he wishes to do something truly original in his medium. The movie starts out with a ghostly visitation from his deceased grandmother, and continues as he interviews actresses for his project.

The turning point of the film, the event that sets off the eventual action, involves an actress being asked to act out intense pleasure on the camera and then suddenly experiencing her first orgasm. This sets Francois off on a quest to understand the concept of forbidden fruit, gathering actresses that he encourages to be even more daring about what they are willing to do. The film's dark and edgy topic is effortlessly played through the interactions of Francois and the three actresses that he has chosen for his project.

Though the movie itself is considered a drama, there are also intensely fantastic elements about it. For example, the movie starts off with a visit from a ghost, and as the movie continues, a pair of mysterious people begin to appear. They can appear or disappear at will, and their presence provides an intensely dramatic and foreboding atmosphere to the rest of the film. The question of the nature of these entities and also of how wise Francois is in his quest for capturing female pleasure is something that drives a huge part of the story of the film itself.

One of the key themes of the movie is artistic decadence and pleasure, and though the movie itself moves slowly, the action of the film itself has a languorous quality that invites the viewer to stop and really consider what is going on. Though the action can be a little confusing at times, a second viewing tends to clear things up. The film is a deliberate showcase of the various angles of female desire.

2006 | 1 hr 40 min | 5.5/10
Exterminating Angels