Exterminator 2

"In 'The Exterminator' he made the streets of New York safe. All has been quiet - until now!"
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John Eastland works with his friend on a garbage truck. Eastland has not put his past days as a vigilante behind him. He listens to police radio scanners and hunts down criminals so he can burn them alive with a flamethrower. Eastland's friend runs afoul of a violent gang in the city and the gang vows revenge. Thinking Eastland was behind an attack on them, then cripple his girlfriend. Eventually, Eastland converts the garbage truck into a war machine and attacks the gang and the mob in a climatic battle.

| 1984 | 1 hr 29 min | 4.4/10
Robert Ginty, Mario Van Peebles, Deborah Geffner, Frankie Faison
Mark Buntzman
Produced By
Mark Buntzman, William Sachs
Exterminator 2
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