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"When the next 12 hours could cost you 1,000 million pounds and 600 lives you need a man who lives second by second"
  • PG
  • 1980
  • 1 min
  • 6.3  (5,599)
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In the 1980 movie Ffolkes, Roger Moore plays the character of Rufus Excalibur Ffolkes, a British naval commander and expert in counter-terrorism. Ffolkes is a solitary figure, a misogynistic recluse who lives with his cats and enjoys his solitude. However, when a group of terrorists seize control of an oil drilling platform in the North Sea, Ffolkes is called in to lead the operation to rescue the hostages and stop the terrorists.

The terrorists, led by Lou Kramer (Anthony Perkins), are demanding a large ransom for the release of the hostages. With time running out, Ffolkes is brought in to come up with a plan to take down the terrorists and free the hostages. Ffolkes is an expert in unconventional warfare methods, and he devises a plan to use a group of highly trained divers to attack the terrorists from below the waterline.

Ffolkes' methods are highly unorthodox, and his abrasive personality puts him at odds with the government officials in charge of the operation. However, as the situation escalates and the terrorists become increasingly violent, Ffolkes' expertise and determination become indispensable. Alongside him is Admiral Brindsen (James Mason), a more diplomatic man who understands the need for Ffolkes' expertise.

Ffolkes' plan eventually involves commandeering an old fishing boat and retrofitting it with a range of unconventional weaponry, including a flame-thrower and a missile launcher. Ffolkes and his team take to the water, navigating treacherous waters to reach the oil rig and take on the terrorists.

The climax of the movie sees Ffolkes and his team engage in a tense gun battle with the terrorists, leading to a dramatic showdown between Ffolkes and Kramer. The final resolution is both thrilling and unexpected, as Ffolkes uses his skills and expertise to single-handedly outsmart the terrorists and save the day.

Ffolkes is a dark and gritty action movie that showcases Roger Moore's talents in a very different role to his earlier work as James Bond. The character of Ffolkes is unapologetically cranky and unsociable, but also highly skilled and dedicated to his work. The supporting cast, including James Mason and Anthony Perkins, offer strong performances and contribute to the overall tension and atmosphere of the film.

The action sequences in Ffolkes are expertly choreographed and shot, with a mix of practical effects and carefully designed stunts. The use of the old fishing boat as a makeshift weapon adds a touch of creativity to the proceedings, and the underwater scenes are both visually stunning and tense.

Ffolkes is a movie that is often overlooked when discussing classic action movies from the 1980s, but it holds up well as a tense and thrilling film. Roger Moore delivers a strong performance as the eccentric Ffolkes, and the supporting cast and tight scripting contribute to an overall satisfying film. Perhaps most impressive is the way the movie manages to balance its action and tension with moments of humor, ensuring that it remains an enjoyable and engaging watch decades after its release.

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    6.3  (5,599)
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