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  • PG
  • 1971
  • 1 hr 38 min
  • 5.5  (2,385)

RAID ON ROMMEL (1971) is a war film directed by Henry Hathaway and starring Richard Burton, John Colicos, and Clinton Greyn. The movie revolves around the daring exploits of a team of British commandos, who launch a raid on the German general Erwin Rommel's operations in Libya, during World War II. Set in 1942, the film tells the story of Captain Nigel Green (Richard Burton), a tough and experienced British soldier, who is tasked with leading a group of commandos on a mission to sabotage Rommel's plans to invade Egypt. Rommel (Karl-Otto Alberty), who is known as the 'Desert Fox', is one of the most formidable and respected German military commanders, and his strategic brilliance is a major obstacle for the Allies.

The movie begins with a short briefing by General Montgomery (Michael Wilding), who outlines the mission and the risks involved. Green is picked for the job since he has a reputation for being ruthless and smart. He is assigned a team of 30 commandos, who are all experts in different fields, such as explosives, marksmanship, and demolition.

Their mission is simple but intimidating: to destroy a fuel depot deep in the enemy's territory, which will cripple Rommel's supply lines and hamper his plans for a major offensive. The commandos are dropped by parachute behind enemy lines and begin their long and perilous journey through the desert.

The first half of the movie is focused on the journey of the commando team through the harsh and unforgiving desert terrain. The scene is set with intense action, suspense, and a few moments of comic relief. The group encounters various obstacles on its way: from minefields and sandstorms to German patrols and treacherous Bedouins.

Their journey also takes them through obscure caves and tunnels, where they find a downed British pilot and a beautiful Arab spy, who join their team. The tension rises as they get closer to their target and must find a way to evade German patrols and sneak into the heavily guarded fuel depot.

Once they arrive at their destination, the second half of the movie focuses on the daring and dangerous raid on the German fuel dump. The plan involves a diversionary attack on a nearby German airfield, which will draw the attention of the enemy and allow the commandos to sneak up on their primary target.

The action is intense and explosive, as the commandos engage in a fierce gun battle with the enemy soldiers. The suspense and the sense of danger are palpable, as the commandos use their wits and skills to survive in a hostile environment. The climax of the movie is a tense and thrilling race against time, as the team must blow up the fuel dump before the Germans can retaliate.

RAID ON ROMMEL is a well-made movie that combines action, adventure, and drama in a well-balanced way. The movie benefits greatly from a talented cast, led by Richard Burton, who brings gravitas and intensity to his role. The supporting cast is also excellent, especially John Colicos, who plays the role of the German officer who is suspicious of the Arab spy.

The movie is shot on location in Tunisia, and the scenic landscape adds to the authenticity of the war setting. The action scenes are well-orchestrated and exciting, and the direction is solid, keeping the pace brisk and the tension high. The score by Frank Cordell is also notable, providing a dramatic and rousing accompaniment to the action.

In conclusion, RAID ON ROMMEL is a satisfying and entertaining war movie that delivers on all fronts. It is a testament to the bravery and ingenuity of the British commandos, who risked everything to disrupt the enemy's operations and turn the tide of the war. The movie is recommended for anyone who enjoys action movies with a dose of history and adventure.

Raid on Rommel
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