Flight to India

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  • 2011
  • 35 min

Young Leah and older brother Adam are expecting an uneventful afternoon as their mother prepares to leave them with a new babysitter. But when Lindsay shows up at the door, her eccentric appearance suggests that their day is about to get interesting. Upon learning that Adam is in a bad mood due to friend troubles, Lindsay is reminded of a story she learned while living in India. While Leah is eager to hear it, Adam says stories are for babies. His negative attitude prompts Lindsay not to tell the story, but to take the children to India to experience it for themselves. Turning their living room into an airplane and drawing the children's unsuspecting friends into the adventure, Lindsay whisks them away to India through the power of imagination and brings the famous Indian folktale, "The Monkey and the Crocodile," to life with the help of items from her unusual traveler's bag. In the process, she teaches Adam an unforgettable lesson about true friendship and everyone a lesson in the power of stories.

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  • Runtime
    35 min