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"GO! GO! GO! It's Free-Wheeling Fun!"
  • 1961
  • 1 hr 49 min
  • 6.5  (2,974)

Follow That Dream is a 1962 musical comedy film starring Elvis Presley as Toby Kwimper, a member of a family of wandering, sharecropping nomads. The movie, directed by Gordon Douglas, also features Arthur O'Connell as Pa Kwimper and Anne Helm as Holly Jones, a social worker who finds herself falling for Toby. The film opens with the Kwimpers being evicted from their latest sharecropping job due to non-payment of rent. In a stroke of luck, they stumble upon a beachfront spot in Florida that has been abandoned for years. Toby convinces the rest of the family to settle there and start a new life, but soon they find themselves in conflict with the local authorities and a group of rich landowners who want to take over the land for their own use.

As the Kwimpers desperately try to hold onto their new home, Holly arrives on the scene representing the welfare department. She spends time with the Kwimper family and begins to see that they are a loving, resourceful group who simply need a little help to give themselves a better life. Holly and Toby soon strike up a romance, but the complications of Toby's situation make it difficult for them to be together.

Throughout the film, Elvis Presley gets the chance to showcase his singing talents with several lively musical numbers that are typical of his early films. The movie also touches on themes of community, family, and the importance of finding a place to call home, as the Kwimper family struggles against the odds to make a better life for themselves.

Follow That Dream is one of Elvis Presley's most charming and entertaining films, and it showcases his talent as an actor as well as a singer. The chemistry between him and Anne Helm is palpable, and the rest of the cast, including Arthur O'Connell as the stern but loving Pa Kwimper, provide strong support.

For fans of Elvis Presley or classic Hollywood musicals, Follow That Dream is a must-watch movie that captures the spirit of the era and brings joy and laughter to anyone who watches it. With catchy tunes, a heartwarming plot, and a great cast of characters, this is a film that will leave you feeling uplifted and entertained.

Follow that Dream
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    1 hr 49 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (2,974)