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  • 2011
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Game of Life from 2007 is a crime drama movie which follows the story of Detective Spiro Bruskis (Tom Sizemore) who's a veteran NYPD Police Officer. The story begins when Spiro is suspended from the department after he violates the law by beating a suspect who was responsible for murdering his partner. Spiro's suspension is an emotional and financial burden on him and his family. In order to make ends meet, Spiro works as a private investigator and also takes care of his autistic son, Paul (Bailey Chase).

While trying to solve a case, Spiro meets a wealthy businessman, Harrison Burke (Tom Arnold) who is involved in illegal activities, including money laundering and drug trade. Harrison enlists Spiro's help to help clear his name and navigate his way through legal troubles he faces as a result of his shady business dealings. To ensure Spiro's loyalty, Harrison offers him a deal worth a lot of money. Spiro is torn between his morals and the financial benefit of going through with the deal.

In the meantime, Spiro's home life is causing him stress. His son Paul, who has autism, is struggling to keep his emotions controlled after his mother left, and Spiro's relationship with his wife, Susan (Heather Locklear) is deteriorating faster than ever before.

As Spiro delves deeper into the work with Harrison, he becomes more and more tangled in dangerous circumstances, and the elevated risks begin to put his family in danger. Spiro's gambling addiction and his love for his family leave him in a precarious position where his loyalty is tested, and his instincts might cost him the only thing that matters to him.

Throughout the film, the story challenges Spiro's sense of right and wrong, including what it means to put your family first, and the lengths someone might go just to survive. Tom Sizemore's performance in this film is impressive, especially as he portrays an on-the-edge cop who embodies the ubiquitous "dirty cop" trope. Sizemore's portrayal is both raw and engaging, realistic, and undoubtedly highlights the film's darker themes.

Tom Arnold holds his own with Sizemore as the devious businessman Harrison Burke, and Heather Locklear is incredible in her supporting role as Susan, Spiro's estranged wife. Bailey Chase, the actor who plays Spiro's son, is also excellent in his role, and his portrayal of an autistic character is heartwarming and authentic.

Notably, the film's story is designed to mimic real-life situations and gives a sense that every parent, no matter lovable children or not, can relate to. The result makes it hard for any viewer to remain neutral. The film's tension builds, the stakes rise, and the audience keeps guessing about the outcome till the end credits roll.

In conclusion, the Game of Life presents a captivating story that offers insight into the underworld of illegal activities and the challenges of the police life. The film offers great performances from Tom Sizemore, Tom Arnold, and Heather Locklear that make the story more engaging. For anyone looking for a thrilling story with great performances and a dark, gritty feel, Game of Life from 2007 is an excellent choice.

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