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  • R
  • 1996
  • 2 hr
  • 6.9  (5,984)
  • 84

Get On The Bus is a drama film from 1996 directed by Spike Lee, who is known for his thought-provoking and socially relevant films. The film is set during the Million Man March in Washington D.C. in 1995, which was a gathering of African American men to promote unity and pride in the community. The film follows a group of diverse men who come from different backgrounds and are brought together on a bus ride to the march. The characters include a father and son, a police officer, a Hollywood actor, a gay couple, a Muslim, a father whose son was killed in gang violence, and a man who is HIV positive. Each character has their own struggles and motivations for attending the march, which are revealed throughout the film.

Throughout the journey, tensions rise between the characters as they confront their differences and learn to work together towards a common goal. The film explores themes of race, class, masculinity, and sexual orientation, and challenges stereotypes and prejudices.

Ossie Davis, Charles S. Dutton, and Andre Braugher deliver powerful performances as some of the main characters. Davis plays Jeremiah, an elder and spiritual guide to the group, who shares his wisdom and experiences with the younger men. Dutton plays George, a bitter and disillusioned father who is seeking justice for his son's death. Braugher plays Flip, a successful Black screenwriter who is initially out of touch with the struggles of his community, but learns to embrace his heritage throughout the journey.

The film also features appearances by other notable actors, including Isaiah Washington, Harry J. Lennix, Bernie Mac, and Wendell Pierce.

Get On The Bus was praised for its portrayal of the African American experience and its exploration of complex issues. The film was also significant for its depiction of the Million Man March, which was a historic event for the Black community. The film was released just one year after the march and helped to raise awareness and understanding of its purpose.

Spike Lee's direction is notable for its use of long takes and ensemble shots, which capture the dynamic between the characters and their interactions with each other. The film's soundtrack features a mix of classic soul and contemporary hip-hop, which adds to the film's energy and emotional impact.

Overall, Get On The Bus is a powerful and thought-provoking film that encourages its audience to confront their own prejudices and stereotypes. The film's diverse cast of characters helps to humanize the struggles and experiences of the Black community, and its themes remain relevant today.

Get On The Bus
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    2 hr
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (5,984)
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