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"The rules are about to change."

The movie Getting Played, is a film that was directed by David Silberg. The movie is focused on three young beautiful women. These women are very successful in their individual endeavors but have not been as successful in their relationships. While having lunch, the young ladies whose characters are played by Vivica A. Fox, Carmen Electra, and Stacy Dash, talk about their various men troubles and propose that any man can be seduced.

The young ladies then place a friendly wager, and agree that the next man that walks through the door, will be the guy that they will attempt to seduce. As proof of the deed, they have to tape the act or it doesn't count. Bill Bellamy's character overhears their conversation while in the restaurant. Once he realizes that the young ladies are serious, he rushes out the back and into the front door, hoping that he would be the first man through the door.

He is not the first but he is ultimately the chosen target. After some time has passed, he is then approached by each of the young ladies. They wine and dine and he begins to turn the tables on each of them. He allows each of the beautiful ladies to seduce him, and then he switches the tapes. When Bellamy's character gets to Stacy's character, they simply talk for hours and he finds that he truly likes Stacy's character.

After much contemplation and venting to his friend who is played by Joe Torry, he decides that he would like to explore a real relationship with her. Stacy's character feels bad about the bet and attempts to confess to Bellamy's character. He then reveals what he had done. When Stacy's character finds out, she is surprised and upset. After much explaining on Bellamy's part she forgives him, leaving egg on the face of her friends as she truly gets the man in the end.

| 2006 | 1 hr 24 min | 4.8/10
Vivica A. Fox, Bill Bellamy, Carmen Electra, Stacey Dash

Also starring Bill Bellamy

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