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Prank My Mom, is a television series for kids who want to play a really big joke on their mom. Maybe even to pay them back for something that mom did to make them mad. All of the shows are filmed from hidden cameras, almost like a revamped Candid Camera. There is a crew set up to prank mom, and 'get her good'. This show is very comical, to see these ladies become so upset, and find out it is their kid playing a joke.

There are all kinds of pranks set for these shows. There are things like a call from the school, saying the kid did something bad, to pregnancy and so many more. One that stands out in my mind, is one on an interracial relationships. Mom is introduced to 'the boyfriend' and he is not of the same race as the family, so moms eyes nearly pop out of her head, while she looks at her child and tries not to be rude.

There was another very funny episode about the girl being pregnant, by the son. When mom finds out, she trips out, and then the girls lay it on thick, and talk about not wanting the baby, or moving away, and the girls are dressed to look like a total disgrace. The last person a mom would want to give birth to her grandchild. I know this one would cause me to want to kill my son. There are also episodes of the girl being pregnant. Oh my goodness, the most dreaded words a teen could say to her mom, "Mom, I'm pregnant".

Some other examples of the episodes are: Caught shoplifting; Need mom to take a drug test for teen; Mom accused of credit card fraud; A bogus physic reading; Blind date gone bad. So, if you want to prank your mom, get online, and try out for an audition. Your mom could be next.

Prank My Mom is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on September 27, 2012.

Where do I stream Prank My Mom online? Prank My Mom is available for streaming on Lifetime, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Prank My Mom on demand at Amazon, Apple TV, Pluto TV online.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Lifetime
1 Season, 13 Episodes
September 27, 2012
Comedy, Kids & Family
Cast: Vivica A. Fox, Kevin L. Walker, Shelagh Ratner, Eliot Schwartz
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Prank My Mom Full Episode Guide

  • Kids are asked to take the rap when mom is accused of credit card fraud; are forced to give away all their worldly possessions to a brainwashing cult; then meet mom s new gold digging boyfriend who turns out to be the same age as they are.

  • Mom tags along to her kid's job interview just when the place is raided by the feds; learns that her son's new job is being a boy toy for an elderly woman; then is set up by her kid on a blind date from hell.

  • The roles are reversed as the moms seek revenge.

  • A mom accompanies her child on a job interview just when the place is raided by the Feds; a mother discovers the truth about her son's new job - "boy toy" for an elderly woman; a mom is set up on a blind date that goes terribly awry.

  • A mom is asked to take her son's drug test at a job interview; a mother is offered an indecent proposal from a sleazy billionaire who wants to purchase her daughter for a year.

  • Mom gets caught buying black market purses; discovers her son got his best friend's mom pregnant; then is desperate to get into a Hollywood club.

  • Mom is mistaken for a prostitute after offering directions; has photos of her feet posted on the internet during a routine mani/pedi.

  • Mom is mistaken for a celebrity and pays the consequences; gets accused of fraud after winning a "Mom of the Year" contest; then gets arrested during a relaxing day at the spa with her kid.

  • Mom gets mistakenly accused of car theft; has her personal belongings pawned by her kid to pay off a debt; then is shocked to learn her daughter's new college boyfriend is really her 60-year-old professor.

  • Mom is surprised when the FBI shows up at her house. Later, she meets her daughter's drug-dealing boyfriend and has an interesting encounter when a yogi master opens up more than her chakras.

  • Mom has to walk the line. Later she tries to stop her son's shotgun wedding and gets a cash offer to destroy her daughter's relationship.

  • A mom is pranked into believing that her daughter's new boyfriend has three wives.

  • In the series premiere, Mom has a run in with the law after her kid is caught using a fake ID; is blamed for trying to save her kid's job.

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