How to Be a Player

The 1997 comedy film that stars Bill Bellamy alongside of Bernie Mac was directed by Lionel C. Martin. The soundtrack was released by Def Jam Recordings in August of 1997. In the film, Dray is played by Bill Bellamy who is a known playboy with the main goal to obtain as many women as possible. He is good at doing just that. He is busy trying to keep the secret from one woman to another woman. His main goal is to make sure that his girlfriend has no idea about the other women he is seeing. Lisa is the girlfriend who he wants to keep the women from seeing. Dray will be quite surprised when he attends a party that his sister Jenny has arranged to have all the women attend who is playing the games with. He will begin to play around and put the moves on his sister’s friend when he is almost successful at doing just that. He will be good at doing this until he notices that one of the girls who he truly has feelings for will show up at the party.

The goal of the movie is to have Dray show how it works to be a player. He is supposed to be showing his friends how he can play the game when all of a sudden the tables actually end up being turned on him when all the women who he has been showing a good time come to a party that has been all arranged by his sister. She has plans to show him that it isn’t nice to play this game and that he is not successful in playing the game either. This is proven when one of the women who he is actually head over heels for is in attendance and it comes to light that he truly cares for this woman.

Bill Bellamy is the main character along with other known comedians such as Bernie Mac. In this movie, Lark Voorhies is going to be playing Lisa and Mari Morrow is going to play another one of the love interests of Dray.

| 1997 | 1 hr 33 min | 5.3/10
Bill Bellamy, Natalie Desselle Reid, Lark Voorhies, Mari Morrow
PolyGram Video
Lionel C. Martin
How to Be a Player
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Also directed by Lionel C. Martin

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How To Be A Player Trailer 1997|1:37
How To Be A Player Trailer 1997|1:37