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"Remember Not To Forget"
  • 2013
  • 2 hr 20 min
  • 5.9  (5,258)

Set in Mumbai, Ghanchakkar is a 2013 Hindi-language comedy-thriller film directed by Raj Kumar Gupta. The movie features a star-studded cast with Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan and Rajesh Sharma in the lead roles. Sanjay Atre (Emraan Hashmi) is a once successful con artist who decides to retire from the criminal world and live a peaceful life with his wife Neetu (Vidya Balan). However, things take a turn when his former partner Pandit (Rajesh Sharma) comes knocking on his door with a proposal for one last job.

The plan seems simple enough – Sanjay is to rob a bank with the help of Pandit and two others, and then lay low until the heat dies down. However, once the heist is over, Sanjay suffers a serious head injury that causes him to lose his memory. To make matters worse, the stolen money is nowhere to be found.

Neetu tries to help Sanjay remember what happened, but his memory loss proves to be a major obstacle. The only clues they have are a key and a note that Sanjay had hidden away before the heist. As they search for the missing money, they must also deal with the paranoid and unpredictable Pandit, who starts to suspect that Sanjay may have double-crossed them.

The film is a unique blend of comedy and thriller, with a bit of drama thrown in. The first half of the movie is filled with humorous moments and quirky characters, while the second half takes a darker turn as the tension and suspense begin to build.

Emraan Hashmi delivers a fantastic performance as the amnesiac con artist, whose memory loss is both a curse and a blessing. He brings a sense of vulnerability to the character, making the audience root for him despite his criminal past. Vidya Balan is also excellent as his long-suffering wife, who must deal with the fallout of his actions and try to keep their marriage intact.

Rajesh Sharma is a standout as the hot-headed and suspicious Pandit, who provides much of the film’s comic relief. He has great chemistry with Emraan Hashmi, and their scenes together are some of the film’s most memorable.

The movie has a distinctly Mumbai feel to it, with the city serving as almost a character in its own right. The film’s soundtrack, composed by Amit Trivedi, adds to this atmosphere with its mix of upbeat and moody tracks.

Overall, Ghanchakkar is an entertaining and engaging movie that keeps the audience guessing until the end. It’s a great showcase for the talents of its lead actors, and a must-watch for fans of Hindi cinema.

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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    2 hr 20 min
  • Language
  • IMDB Rating
    5.9  (5,258)