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"Sometimes the best memories can be hard to remember."
  • R
  • 2001
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 4.6  (1,419)

Going Greek is a 2001 college comedy movie directed by Justin Zackham. The plot follows Jake (Dylan Bruno), a senior at a university who is pressured by his father to join a fraternity in order to secure a business internship. Jake initially resists, but finally relents in a bid to keep up with his successful father, only to find out that the pledge process and initiation rites are far from what he bargained for.

The movie begins with Jake, an independent-minded senior, up late cramming for an exam only to be interrupted by his roommate, Kyle (Simon Rex), and a bunch of his fraternity brothers. As Jake tries to concentrate, the frat boys engage in a boisterous game of beer pong, which frustrates Jake to an increasingly alarming degree. Jake regards fraternity life as shallow and superficial, and refuses to be associated with it. However, he is under immense pressure from his father to join one in order to secure a prestigious internship at his father's firm.

The fraternity of choice is the Kappa Nu fraternity house, which is in desperate need of funds, and Jake's wealthy father could be the answer to their prayers. In a cringe-worthy scene, the brothers try to recruit him by inviting him to a party, where Jake is subjected to several embarrassing hazing rituals, including a humiliating strip-tease, which he endures with stoic resolve. During one of their drunken binges, the brothers decide to play a cruel joke on Jake and disqualify him from the pledge process. However, Jake is aided in his quest to pledge by his classmate, Leah (Laura Harris), who detests the fraternity, but is convinced by Jake to help him gain admission into the club.

Jake's knowledge of the art history and the willingness to help his non-fraternity members impress the Kappa Nu fraternity, and he is soon welcomed into the fold. As a pledge, Jake is subjected to a series of pranks, including having to shave his head and walk around in women's clothing, which he takes in his stride. However, in his quest to gain acceptance and impress his father, he begins to question whether the fraternity is worth the humiliation and constant hazing.

Things take a serious turn when Jake discovers that Kappa Nu is facing financial ruin, and he uses his family connections to negotiate a deal to save the house from foreclosure. However, when the fraternity members discover that Jake schemed to save their house, they feel betrayed and humiliated. After a few explosive confrontations, the members come to an understanding and decide to work together to save the house.

Going Greek is a lively and energetic comedy movie that showcases the lofty, euphoric highs and that dreadful, bottomless lows of fraternity life, with all its glamour, rituals, and debauchery. The film also explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and personal growth through Jake's transformative journey to acceptance, self-discovery, and redemption.

Dylan Bruno gives a standout performance as Jake, a principled and intelligent college senior, trying to navigate the treacherous waters of fraternity life. Laura Harris exudes charisma as the fiery feminist, Leah, who is initially opposed to Greek life, but is won over by Jake's genuine desire to belong. The talented ensemble cast also includes Simon Rex as the boorish bro-buddy, Kyle, and Steve Monroe as the fraternity's over-the-top president, Bluto.

The movie's soundtrack features a plethora of popular 90s rock and pop hits that add to the film's nostalgic feel. Overall, Going Greek is an entertaining, light-hearted comedy that suggests that friendships can be found in the most unexpected places.

Going Greek
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