Going Greek

"Sometimes the best memories can be hard to remember."
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Going Greek is a comedy that features the main character’s struggles in dealing with entering the fraternity system at his nameless college. Though Jake is bitter and uninterested in entering the system at all, he goes ahead and pledges to keep an eye on Gil. Gil is Jake’s significantly less socially-aware cousin, and throughout the film, Gil continues to be less aware than his more-savvy cousin about the things that are going on.

In the middle of performing the stunts and undergoing the hazing that is necessary to enter the frat of Gil’s choice, Jake begins a relationship with Paige, an older girl who hates all of the fraternities with a passion. However, as time goes on, Jake begins to enjoy himself, becoming a more active part of the world around him. Things start to get more risky, however, when other frat brothers try to pressure Gil into quitting, and Jake’s relationship with Paige and even his scholarship are at risk.

In many ways, Going Greek is a coming-of-age story. Jake begins the story as a former high-school football star, one who is incredibly bitter about most of the things around him. As the story continues, he learns more about letting himself go, about the bonds between himself and his cousin Gil, and about what he is looking for in a relationship. His relationship with Paige begins under inauspicious circumstances but gradually grows into learning more about how he deals with things on his own and about what he can do to make her happy.

However, it is also important to remember that Going Greek is a madcap comedy. There is a great deal of physical humor used, and there are many broadly hilarious jokes available. The direction in the film is over-the-top in an enjoyable way, and the film won a Teen’s Choice Award in 2001 after it was released.

| 2001 | 1 hr 30 min | 4.7/10
Dylan Bruno, Laura Harris, Simon Rex, Dublin James
Justin Zackham
Produced By
Kevin Conlon, Eric Y. Kim
Going Greek
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Also directed by Justin Zackham

Also starring Laura Harris