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"Take your final breath."
  • 2021
  • 4.1  (8,556)
  • 45

Great White is an Australian survival horror movie from 2021 that follows a group of five friends on a private charter trip across the Australian coast. The group consists of the witty and charismatic Jeff (Aaron Jakobenko), his loving girlfriend Michelle (Katrina Bowden), the boat captain Charlie (Tim Kano), and his supporters Benny (Te Kohe Tuhaka) and Kaz (Kimie Tsukakoshi).

The movie kicks off with the group on their private charter trip, enjoying the beautiful scenery and the bright blue ocean. The story builds up slowly, taking its time to introduce us to the characters and their dynamic. Jeff and Michelle are in love, but Jeff is hesitant to take the big leap of proposing, despite Michelle's eagerness. Benny and Kaz are hired hands, there to help out on the boat, but also to provide some comic relief.

Everything is going fine, until the group's plane detects an emergency beacon coming from a nearby island. Charlie decides to investigate, and the group follows. When they arrive at the island, they find the wreckage of a small plane crashed on the beach, with no survivors. But they also notice something else - a Great White shark circling their boat.

The group realizes they are stranded on the island, with no communication to the outside world and a Great White shark stalking them. They do what they can to survive, but the tension quickly builds as the shark attacks them one-by-one.

With strong performances from the main cast, Great White is a tense and thrilling survival horror movie. The scenery is beautiful, with breathtaking shots of the Australian coast, and the cinematography is excellent, making the shark attacks all the more terrifying. The movie is directed by Martin Wilson, who keeps the pacing tight, delivering plenty of scares without relying too much on jump scares.

Katrina Bowden, who is best known for her role in 30 Rock, shines as Michelle. She's a strong and capable character, who refuses to be a victim to the shark. Aaron Jakobenko, who plays her love interest, Jeff, brings plenty of charm to his role, even as the situation grows more dire.

One of the stand-out performances, however, comes from Kimie Tsukakoshi, who plays Kaz. She's the comic relief of the film, but her humor is never overdone, and her character is one of the most engaging of the group. She has some of the film's best lines, and her delivery is spot-on.

The shark itself is terrifying, with great practical effects that make it look realistic and menacing. The use of CGI is limited, which makes the attacks feel more real and grounded in the world of the film. The shark is also used sparingly, which makes its appearances all the more effective.

The only downside of Great White is that it can feel a bit slow at times. The first act, in particular, takes its time to establish the characters and their relationships, which might not be to everyone's taste. But once the shark attacks start, the tension never lets up.

Overall, Great White is a tense and thrilling horror movie that delivers plenty of scares. The acting is strong, the shark is terrifying, and the scenery is beautiful. It's a solid entry into the survival horror genre, and one that's well worth checking out.

Great White is a 2021 horror movie. It has received mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 4.1 and a MetaScore of 45.

Great White
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