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  • 2016
  • 19 min

Guide is a 2014 movie that tells the story of a man named Earl, who is a middle-aged bachelor struggling in life. Earl, who is played by Brendan Bradley, has lost his job and is living a mundane life with no direction and purpose. He feels like he is drifting through life without anything to work for or look forward to. This is where things start to change for Earl when he meets an older neighbor named Bill, played by Armand Petri.

Bill is a retired gentleman who has been a guide in his younger days. Bill has knowledge and experience of hiking through tough terrains, camping in the wild and surviving in harsh conditions. Bill sees the potential in Earl and offers to take him under his wing to give him a new life and purpose. Initially, Earl is hesitant about the idea, but over time, he agrees to learn and train with Bill.

Earl trains in hiking, camping, and wilderness survival. Bill teaches him everything he knows, including the importance of precise planning and having the right equipment. As Earl progresses in his training, he finds himself beginning to enjoy the new challenges and adventures that he faces. With time, Earl's confidence grows, and he starts feeling like he is becoming a better person with a newfound purpose in life.

Throughout the movie, Earl faces several obstacles, such as harsh weather conditions, dangerous terrains, and physical and mental exhaustion. Bill stands by him, offering support and guidance, and always emphasizing the importance of safety and preparedness. Along the way, Earl meets Rachel Wolf, who plays a character named Claire.

Claire is a fellow hiker who meets Earl on the trail while he is on one of his expeditions with Bill. The two hit it off, and a romantic relationship starts to develop. The relationship between Earl and Claire adds depth to the story and shows the possibility of the life that is waiting for Earl after his training with Bill concludes.

The movie Guide is not just about hiking and wilderness survival. It is a movie about transforming a life that had no direction or purpose, to one that is full of meaning and adventure. It showcases the transformation of Earl's character, from a man who was lost and unhappy to becoming a person who has discovered his passion and found happiness.

The movie is beautifully shot, with breathtaking landscapes, and the sound of nature in the background adds another layer of depth to the story. The acting is top-notch, with Brendan Bradley delivering a powerful performance as Earl, displaying the emotional struggles of his character in a raw and authentic way. Armand Petri, as Bill, brings wisdom and experience to his character, creating a mentor figure that is easy to connect with.

In conclusion, Guide is a movie that inspires and motivates the audience to discover their own purpose in life. It is a story of adventure, passion, and finding oneself, a story that encourages us to explore the outdoors and experience life to the fullest. The movie is a must-watch for anyone who feels lost and is looking for a new direction in life.

Guide is a 2016 drama with a runtime of 19 minutes.

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