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  • NR
  • 2003
  • 2 hr 41 min
  • 7.6  (3,049)

Haasil is a 2003 Indian Hindi language film, directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia and starring Jimmy Shergill, Hrishitaa Bhatt, and Irrfan Khan. The movie portrays the story of an ambitious and power-hungry young man named Anirudh Pathak (Jimmy Shergill), who comes from a small town and dreams of making it big in the city. Anirudh is enrolled in a prestigious college where he meets Ranvijay Singh (Irrfan Khan), a ruthless and influential student leader, who is feared by all.

The movie opens with Anirudh arriving in the city, determined to make a name for himself. He sees the world around him as an opportunity to achieve power and fame, and he is not going to let anything or anyone stand in his way. As he enters the college, he is awestruck by the grandeur of the institution and the power and influence of the student leaders.

Anirudh is soon introduced to Ranvijay Singh, who runs the college like his own kingdom. Ranvijay has his gang of loyal followers, who carry out his orders without question. Anirudh is initially intimidated by Ranvijay's power and influence, but he soon realizes that he needs to earn Ranvijay's trust if he wants to succeed in the college.

Anirudh starts working for Ranvijay, doing his bidding and helping him with his dirty work. Ranvijay sees potential in Anirudh and starts grooming him to be his successor. However, things start to change when Anirudh falls in love with the beautiful and innocent Niharika (Hrishitaa Bhatt).

Niharika is a simple girl from a middle-class family who is studying in the college on a scholarship. She is not interested in the power games played by the student leaders and wants to focus on her studies. Anirudh is smitten by Niharika's beauty and innocence and wants to protect her from the corrupt and dangerous world of the college.

As Anirudh and Niharika's relationship deepens, Anirudh starts questioning his loyalty to Ranvijay. He realizes that the power he seeks is not worth sacrificing his morality and the love of his life. However, stepping out of Ranvijay's shadow is not an easy task, and Anirudh finds himself in a dangerous game of politics and power.

The movie is a classic story of ambition, power, and love, set in the backdrop of a college campus. The characters are well developed, and the performances by the lead actors are top-notch. Jimmy Shergill shines as Anirudh, portraying the character's transformation from an innocent small-town boy to a power-hungry leader with conviction. Hrishitaa Bhatt is impressive as Niharika and brings a refreshing innocence to the movie. Irrfan Khan steals the show as Ranvijay Singh, portraying the character's ruthlessness and charisma with ease.

The movie's direction is excellent, and the soundtrack is memorable, with songs like "Ab Ghar Aaja" and "Mann Tarpat" capturing the essence of the story. The film's editing and cinematography are praiseworthy, capturing the intensity and drama of the story in all its glory.

In conclusion, Haasil is a must-watch for anyone who loves a good story with well-developed characters and great performances. The movie explores themes of power, ambition, and love in a relatable setting and will leave audiences with a lot to think about.

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    2 hr 41 min
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    7.6  (3,049)