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  • 2017
  • 2 hr 16 min
  • 6.3  (336)

Jindua is a Punjabi-language romantic drama film released in 2017. The film features a talented ensemble cast including Jimmy Shergill, Sargun Mehta and Neeru Bajwa. Navniat Singh directed the film and it was produced by Vivek Ohri and GS Dhillon. The story of Jindua revolves around an NRI guy named Karma (Jimmy Shergill) who is sent to Punjab in order to take care of his grandfather's property. Karma has been living in Canada for a long time and is used to living the lavish life offered by western culture. In Punjab, he meets Saggi (Sargun Mehta), a girl living in a village near his grandfather's property. She is an aspiring dancer who has faced numerous obstacles in her pursuit of her passion. Their paths cross and after a series of misunderstandings, they fall in love with each other.

Karma and Saggi's love story forms the crux of the movie. However, their journey is not without its challenges. Saggi's father is a traditional Punjabi man who disapproves of his daughter's passion for dance and her association with Karma. He wants her to get married to a wealthy NRI guy who can financially support their family. Karma is not interested in getting married to Saggi for his own reasons. Her father's objection to their relationship adds an extra layer of complexity to their love story.

The movie takes the viewers on an emotional rollercoaster ride as it explores various themes such as love, family bonding, cultural differences, and the struggle to follow one's passion. While the plot may be simple, the performances of the cast elevate the movie to a whole different level. Jimmy Shergill impresses as Karma, a guy who is torn between his love for Saggi and his commitment to his western lifestyle. Sargun Mehta delivers a solid performance as Saggi, a girl who is ambitious and fights for her dreams while also dealing with her family's expectations. Neeru Bajwa, who plays Karma's former girlfriend, is also excellent in her role.

Another highlight of the movie is its music. The soundtrack of Jindua is composed by Jaidev Kumar, who has done a fantastic job of creating soulful tracks that perfectly complement the movie's storyline. The songs like "Chal Jindua Banaya" and "Kalley Rehen De" are a treat for the ears and add to the emotional impact of the story.

The cinematography of Jindua is also notable. The film showcases the breathtaking beauty of Punjab in all its glory. From the lush green fields to the vibrant colors of the festivals, the movie captures the essence of the state and its culture in a beautiful way.

One of the strengths of Jindua is its ability to strike a balance between melodrama and realism. While the plot may be predictable in places, it never feels overly sentimental or exploitative. The movie is able to capture the nuances of its characters and their relationships in an authentic way.

In conclusion, Jindua is a well-made romantic drama film that is sure to tug at your heartstrings. With its strong performances, beautiful music, and stunning visuals, the movie leaves a lasting impression on the viewers. With this film, Navniat Singh has proved that he is one of the most talented directors in the Punjabi film industry. If you are a fan of romantic films, Jindua is definitely worth a watch.

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  • Release Date
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    2 hr 16 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    6.3  (336)