Horror Hotel

"300 years old! Human blood keeps them alive forever!"

Horror Hotel is about a town that has seemingly sold its soul to witchcraft and the devil. A college student goes to a Massachusetts town in search of evidence of witchcraft. The town is spooky and it gets spookier as the movie goes on. The dreary landscape in which this movie takes place exaggerates the sense of evil and doom. The young girl who goes in search of witches in a town with an interesting history finds all too many witches and discovers that there may be more than one.

There is something really strange about the owner of the hotel, and things get even stranger after the college student's boyfriend and brother arrive. Has Mrs. Newlis, the owner of the hotel, hidden her oaths to Satan? Who exactly is in on it and how much control do witches have in this not too cozy town in Massachusetts?

This film is inspired by Alfred Hitchcock and Psycho and for people familiar and the plot arch with murder and more mirrors that of Psycho. It's an interesting film about a girl who is on a mission to find witches and finds that there is truly more than meets the eye in a town that has more secrets lurking than what one would find in any attic.

| 1960 | 1 hr 16 min | 6.8/10
Dennis Lotis, Christopher Lee, Patricia Jessel, Tom Naylor
Trans Lux Inc.
John Llewellyn Moxey
Horror Hotel
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