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"Bob Hope and Jackie Gleason request the honor of your presence at a swinging session on How to Commit Marriage."
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  • 1969
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How to Commit Marriage is a 1969 comedy produced and directed by Norman Panama. The movie revolved around a middle-aged couple, Frank and Elaine Benson (Bob Hope and Jane Wyman), who were struggling to maintain their marital relationship. Frank is a successful divorce lawyer and Elaine is a housewife who wants Frank to spend more time with their teenage children, David (Tim Matheson) and Susan (Maureen Arthur).

The plot thickens when Frank's old friend, Charley (Jackie Gleason), comes to town and starts to meddle in Frank's family life. Charley convinces Frank to let him handle David's love life, which results in a series of misadventures. Charley tries to set David up with Sylvia (Iris Adrian), who is twice his age, leading to a comedic turn of events.

Meanwhile, Frank is defending a client, Nancy (Leslie Nielsen), who wants to divorce her husband, Herbert (Dick Sargent). Frank becomes enamored with Nancy and starts to neglect his own family. Nancy also tries to seduce Charley, which leads to even more chaos.

As the storyline unfolds, Frank and Elaine's marriage is put to the test. They start to question each other's commitment to the relationship and consider getting divorced themselves. However, with the help of their children and Charley's eventual realization that he was meddling too much, they eventually find a way to overcome their differences and rekindle their love for each other.

The movie is a typical late 1960s comedy, with several memorable moments and funny one-liners. The chemistry between the leads, Bob Hope, Jackie Gleason and Jane Wyman, is fantastic and drives the film forward. Bob Hope, in particular, gives a great performance as the frazzled divorce lawyer, Frank Benson.

The movie also addresses several contemporary issues, such as the generation gap between parents and children, the changing social norms with regards to marriage and relationships, and the increasing prevalence of divorce. At the same time, it also reinforces the traditional values of marriage, commitment, and family.

Overall, How to Commit Marriage is an entertaining and light-hearted comedy that is sure to make you laugh. It is a must-see for fans of Bob Hope, Jackie Gleason and Jane Wyman, as well as anyone who loves classic 1960s comedies.

How to Commit Marriage
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