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"You pay for the Pleasure, the Killing is free!"
  • R
  • 1976
  • 1 hr 38 min
  • 3.4  (546)

Hustler Squad is a 1976 war-drama film that offers a unique blend of wartime espionage and action. Directed by Cesar Gallardo and featuring a cast that includes John Ericson, Karen Ericson, and Crystin Sinclaire, this film takes its audience to the period during World War II with a storyline that combines gritty undercover operations with the tension and drama of a world embroiled in conflict.

Set against the backdrop of the war's Pacific theater, Hustler Squad tells the story of an American army major named Stony Stonewall, played by John Ericson. Major Stonewall is tasked with an unorthodox mission that requires an unconventional approach. With the traditional avenues of warfare proving insufficient to tackle specific critical targets, he is charged with the responsibility of disrupting Japanese operations in the Philippines.

To achieve this ambitious objective, Major Stonewall comes up with a daring plan: to recruit and train a small group of women from various backgrounds to infiltrate enemy lines as a team of spies and saboteurs. These women are not the typical soldiers one would expect to find in the armed forces. Instead, they are civilians with unique skills and backgrounds that make them suitable for the delicacy and deception required for such a mission. They become known as the Hustler Squad.

As the film progresses, we witness the transformation of the women who are chosen to be part of this high-risk endeavor. Recruited from the corners of society where they have been honing skills that the military finds invaluable for covert operations, they include a former prostitute, a nightclub singer, a criminal, and a professional gambler. Each possesses a characteristic that makes her indispensable for the success of their collective mission.

Played by Karen Ericson and Crystin Sinclaire, among others, these women undergo rigorous military training and are molded from their previous civilian lives into a cohesive and effective wartime unit. The film shows the audience the struggles and personal conflicts they face as they transition into their new roles, but also the bond they form with each other and their determination to overcome the enemy.

The film does not shy away from exploring the dark and gritty reality of the spy game during wartime. It captures both the physical and psychological toll that undercover operations take on individuals. The audience witnesses the sacrifices and moral dilemmas that the characters face as they embed themselves within the enemy's infrastructure. Their mission is complicated, fraught with danger, and requires them to use all their wits, charm, and courage to succeed.

A significant part of the film’s intrigue comes from the suspense of their clandestine activities. The Hustler Squad uses every tool at their disposal, from seduction to guile, to achieve their objectives. Audiences are kept on edge as the women navigate close calls, betrayals, and intricate plots designed to undermine Japanese military operations. Their actions, while small in the larger context of the global conflict, are portrayed as pivotal in the strategic maneuvers of the Allied forces.

The movie is a testament to the espionage thrillers of the 1970s, containing not only scenes of combat and conflict but also exploring themes of empowerment and the breaking of traditional gender roles, especially in the context of warfare. It showcases how the women, initially perceived as merely instruments of war, become empowered to control their destinies and contribute to a cause greater than themselves.

Visually, Hustler Squad is very much a product of its time, with period-appropriate sets and costumes that contribute to the film’s authenticity. It employs a mix of action sequences and dialog-driven moments to provide a narrative that aims to keep the viewer engaged through a blend of character development and plot-driven tension.

While the film may not be the most famous of the war movie genre, Hustler Squad offers a unique storyline that provides a different perspective on World War II, going beyond the conventional battlefield tales to expose a different facet of the conflict. It invites the audience to consider the roles and contributions of those who fought in the shadows, and their impact on the greater picture of warfare. With a narrative that is as much about the individuals as it is about their mission, Hustler Squad is a war-drama that intrigues with its premise and captivates with its execution.

Hustler Squad is a 1976 action movie with a runtime of 1 hour and 38 minutes. It has received mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 3.4.

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