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  • 1963
  • 1 hr 37 min
  • 7.1  (1,279)

Il Boom, released in 1963, is a splendid satire directed by Vittorio De Sica and featuring an all-star Italian cast, led by Alberto Sordi, Gianna Maria Canale, and Elena Nicolai. The film was based on the novel Il Gattopardo by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, and it explores the economic boom taking place in Italy in the post-war years.

The story revolves around Giovanni Busacca, played excellently by Sordi, a struggling businessman who is desperate to maintain his image as a wealthy man in Italian society. Busacca has borrowed money from many people, and now his debts have reached a point where they have become overwhelming. However, Busacca does not want to let anyone know about his financial distress, and he goes to extreme lengths to maintain his lavish life and social status.

Busacca's wife, the beautiful and elegant Silvia, is played by Gianna Maria Canale. She is unaware of her husband's financial issues and is a loving and devoted wife, who showers him with attention and affection. When Busacca tries to tell her the truth about their financial situation, she refuses to believe it, and they continue to spend recklessly.

The story takes a twist when Busacca receives a tempting offer from a wealthy American businessman, Mr. Bausetti, to purchase his house for a large sum of money. Busacca sees this as an opportunity to solve all his financial problems, pay off his debts, and continue to lead a luxurious life. However, the deal falls through when Bausetti discovers that the house is built on an unstable foundation and is structurally unsound.

The film is a scathing indictment of Italy's post-war consumerism, and the lengths people would go to maintain their social status and financial prosperity. It explores the personal and moral conflicts that arise when a person's values are challenged by their desire to accumulate wealth and maintain an image of prosperity.

At the heart of the film lies the character of Giovanni Busacca, played brilliantly by Alberto Sordi. Sordi portrays the character with a perfect balance of humor, desperation, and sadness, capturing the essence of the Italian spirit during the economic boom of the 1960s.

The film also features an exceptional supporting cast, including Elena Nicolai, who plays Busacca's lover on the side, and the legendary actress Vittoria De Sica, who makes a cameo appearance as Busacca's father.

The cinematography is stunning, capturing the beauty of the Italian landscape and architectural design of the time. The film's score by Carlo Rustichelli is also noteworthy, adding dramatic depth to the narrative.

In conclusion, Il Boom is a fantastic film that successfully combines humor, drama, and social commentary. It's a brilliant satire that captures the zeitgeist of Italy in the post-war years and shows the true cost of consumerism on an individual and societal level. Alberto Sordi's performance is a tour de force, and the film is a must-see for any cinema enthusiast or student of Italian culture.

Il Boom
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    7.1  (1,279)