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  • TV-MA
  • 2018
  • 2 hr 19 min
  • 5.9  (5,817)

Illang: The Wolf Brigade is a South Korean science fiction action film that was released in 2018. The movie was directed by Kim Jee-woon and adapted from the Japanese anime Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade. It boasts an incredible ensemble cast that includes actors like Gang Dong-won, Han Hyo-joo, and Jung Woo-sung. The movie is set in the near future of 2029, in an alternate timeline where North and South Korea have reconciled and reunified. However, this reunification has not been easy, as the citizens of the country are divided on whether this unification was the right thing to do. An Anti-Reunification group called The Sect is actively promoting their belief in reunification being a mistake.

To deal with these opposition factions, the government creates a special police unit called the Special Unit, whose members wear battle armor and are known as The Wolf Brigade. The Wolf Brigade is tasked with keeping the peace, and often deals with protests and riots. The story revolves around one of the members of The Wolf Brigade, Im Joong-kyung, played by Gang Dong-won. He is working with his team to quell protests and put down unrest in a specific sector, and as things get more and more heated, he begins to question his loyalty to this unit and to the government.

The central theme of the movie is the idea of loyalty and the cost of being loyal to a specific group or belief. The movie uses dystopian elements to explore how loyalty can sometimes override morality and individual agency. The characters and events are used to comment on real-world issues such as the status of the Korean peninsula and the impact of militarization on society.

The movie is visually stunning, with fantastic action sequences and breath-taking shots of the city. The armor that The Wolf Brigade wears is an updated and modern version of the armor from the original anime. The armor design and movement have been significantly inspired by heavily augmented soldiers from many contemporary video games, such as the Master Chief in Halo, the Cerberus soldiers in Mass Effect, and COG (Coalition of Ordered Governments) soldiers in Gears of War.

The performances in the film are fantastic, with Gang Dong-won delivering a powerful and nuanced performance as the conflicted and conflicted member of The Wolf Brigade. Han Hyo-joo, who plays a young girl from The Sect, also delivers a great performance that gives the audience a glimpse into what the world looks like from the perspective of an outsider. Jung Woo-sung, who plays a high-ranking member of the government, brings his signature intensity to the role.

Illang: The Wolf Brigade is not just an action movie, but it also delves into the philosophical underpinnings of loyalty, violence, and the human condition. The movie explores what happens when allegiances, be it to family, government or ideology, are taken to its logical extreme. The conflict between reunification and independence in the movie's premise ensures that the symbolism of the film will make an impact on the audience. Director Kim Jee-woon effectively captures the dilemmas of a high-tech society, where the sophistication of machines represents the society's answers for problems that they might not yet have the solution for.

In conclusion, Illang: The Wolf Brigade is a must-watch for anyone who loves action movies with a great story, and for those who are interested in exploring the themes of loyalty and duty in society while being critical of the government. The movie tells a story that is both thrilling and meaningful, and overall it is a top-notch example of South Korean cinema.

Illang: The Wolf Brigade
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