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Armageddon was a classic film that caught a lot of attention, and it remains a solidly executed, end of the world sci fi movie where the crisis is averted only with hard work and ultimate sacrifice. There is an asteroid coming at planet Earth, and if it impacts it will wipe out life was we know it. Smaller rocks have already impacted, but the catastrophic damage they've inflicted will only be a trifle compared to the big asteroid coming on fast. Even the most powerful nuclear warheads will barely chip the surface... if, that is, they land on the outside. If the payload is placed inside the asteroid though, then an explosion will split the stone and avert the crisis. However, for that to work, NASA needs to call on an expert team of misfit roughnecks that also happen to be the best drillers on planet Earth.

The team, led by Harry Foster (Bruce Willis), rockets into space in two, separate ships specifically designed for this mission. Though there are rough patches and unexpected problems, the team manages to land and drill the hole, but they realize that the radio detonator for the nuke won't work. Willis stays behind to push the button, sacrificing himself in order to save the world.

Armageddon is a science fiction doomsday movie by the numbers. It takes characters that are every day men and women and raises them up to the stature of heroes as they do more than anyone would ever be asked to do for people they love, as well as those they don't even know. The film deals with these people strapping on and stepping up, doing an impossible job in an impossible place, and then living to fight another day. All except for one, the hard nosed leader who, it turns out, is soft and loving on the inside, but never quite knew how to tell the people he really cared about before it was too late.

| 1998 | 2 hr 30 min | 6.7/10 | 42/100
Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler
July 1,  1998 (1998-07-01)
Michael Bay
Produced By
Jerry Bruckheimer,Gale Anne Hurd,Michael Bay

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