InAPPropriate Comedy

"An equal opportunity offender."

InAPPropriate Comedy is a 2013 film that falls in to genre of comedy, and it has been rated R. This particular film has an approximate running time of about 1 hour and 24 minutes long, and it was directed by Vince Offer. The InAPPropriate Comedy was produced by Mark Behar, Courtney Bingham, Vince Offer, Ken Pringle, Robert Shapiro, and Sandy S. Solowitz, and it was written by Ken Pringle, Ari Shaffir, Vince Offer, Adrien Brody, Dante, Christina Pazsitzky, and John Ryan Jr. Furthermore, this film stars many well known actors and actresses such as Rob Schneider, Michelle Rodriquez, Adrien Brody, Lindsey Lohan, Ari Shaffi, Dante, Allen Abrams, Anna Akana, Harvey J. Alperin, Azur De, Christian Beasley, Shayla Beasley, Ben Begley, Daniel Berson, Dave Bill, Ray Bolton, Kato Bonner, Rick Chambers, and Hanson.

The InAPPropriate Comedy is a sketch type of film that focuses on many different sketches, and features many different characters in desperate different scenes. Some of the characters within this movie includes a cop by the name of Flirty Harry. Flirty Harry happens to have an eye for fashion and has a somewhat soft middle. However, this fashion driven cop is also tough and a no nonsense type of cop. Also, there is a very sleazy psychologist who happens to have an overly active sex drive that makes him promiscuous.

Furthermore, there is also an over bearing porn critic who has a very enthusiastic assistant. Plus, there is a woman who has set her eyes on getting the ultimate revenge on the savage paparazzi's who keep haunting and tormenting her on a regular basis. Even more so, this film has what is called the Amazing Racist. This Amazing Racist loves to go around making the other ethnic and minorities angry and pushing their buttons with his extremely racist ways.

| 2013 | 1 hr 24 min | 2.8/10 | 1/100
Rob Schneider, Noelle Kenney, Michelle Rodriguez, Adrien Brody
SquareOne Entertainment
Vince Offer
InAPPropriate Comedy
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Also directed by Vince Offer

Also starring Noelle Kenney

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