It's in the Bag!

"Fred bagged the best for his merry 12 million dollar murder mystery!"
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This is a hilarious 1945 comedy featuring some of the biggest names in radio entertainment. Some went on to gain fame in film and television, others did not. Fred Floogle is a failing flea circus owner whose rich uncle dies and leaves his fortune to him. The fortune turns out to be a set of 12 chairs. Fred sells the chairs and only later learns that the real fortune is concealed in one of the chairs. As Fred tries to retrieve the chairs, viewers are treated to a continuous stream of 1940s humor.

| 1945 | 1 hr 27 min | 7.0/10
Fred Allen, Jack Benny, Don Ameche, William Bendix
Richard Wallace
Produced By
George R. Batcheller Jr., Walter Batchelor, Jack H. Skirball
It's in the Bag!
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