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"If you're going through Hell... keep going!"
  • R
  • 2001
  • 1 hr 37 min
  • 5.5  (597)
  • 49

Jackpot is a 2001 crime-comedy film directed by Michael Polish and starring Jon Gries, Daryl Hannah, and Garrett Morris. The movie revolves around Sunny Holiday (Jon Gries), a small-time vaudeville performer who aspires to make it big in Hollywood. He meets an aspiring singer, Georgia (Daryl Hannah), who helps him land a job as a security guard at a casino in Reno.

Sunny's life takes an interesting turn when he witnesses a violent robbery at the casino. The thieves, two bumbling crooks named Lester and Leland, accidentally leave behind a duffel bag full of cash. The cash is meant to go to the mafia boss, Mr. Big, who is played by Garrett Morris. Sunny finds the bag and decides to keep the money for himself. With the help of Georgia and his friend, Benny (Anthony Edwards), Sunny tries to avoid Mr. Big's henchmen and keep the money safe.

The plot of the movie is fairly predictable, but what sets this movie apart is its unique and quirky characters. Jon Gries shines as Sunny Holiday, a quirky and likable performer who is just trying to make it big. Daryl Hannah's character, Georgia, is an aspiring singer who is always on the lookout for her big break. She has a noticeable chemistry with Gries, and their scenes together are some of the movie's highlights.

Garrett Morris's portrayal of Mr. Big is also worth mentioning. He plays the stereotypical mob boss with a comedic twist. His presence is felt throughout the movie, even though he only appears in a few scenes.

The movie's visuals are also impressive, especially the scenes shot at the casino. The neon lights and slot machines perfectly capture the atmosphere of a bustling casino. The movie's soundtrack is also worth mentioning. It's a mix of classic jazz and funk songs that fit the movie's setting perfectly.

One of the downsides of the movie is the predictability of the plot. The story follows a standard formula for a crime-comedy movie, and there aren't many surprises along the way. However, the movie's quirky characters and unique setting make up for the predictable plot.

Overall, Jackpot is an entertaining crime-comedy movie that offers some laughs and a fun ride. The performances from the cast are impressive, and the movie's visuals and soundtrack perfectly capture the atmosphere of a bustling casino. While the plot may be predictable, the movie's quirky characters make up for it. Fans of crime-comedy movies will definitely enjoy Jackpot.

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