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"An average Joe. An adventurous comedy."

Joe Versus the Volcano begins with our introduction to our protagonist, Joe Banks. Joe is a man who is stuck in a dead end job, he is constantly sick and is forced to work under a demanding boss who refuses to give Joe a break. Joe goes to many doctors, but they find nothing wrong with him, much to Joe's annoyance. Joe finally finds a doctor who does diagnose what Joe's illness is a "brain cloud" that will kill Joe in six months. Joe responds by telling his boss off, which gets him fired. After he gets fired Joe asks DeDe a woman at his now former employer out on a date. She agrees and it goes quite well, but then the ugly truth that he has six months to live. She gets upset that she is dating a man who will die soon and leaves in tears.

Joe then meets up with a wealthy industrialist who needs a rare mineral that is found on one island in the Pacific Ocean. However, in order to get this extremely rare ore, the island natives demand a sacrifice to their god, which is a volcano. The industrialist then tells Joe that if he agrees to jump into the volcano that for his days before he makes his jump he will live like a King.

Joe quickly lives like a King going all throughout New York buying luggage and other expensive items. Afterwards, Joe is flown out to Los Angeles and gets to a boat that is to take him to the site of the Volcano. However, the captain, a woman named Patricia is reluctant to do so as Joe is a nice guy. However, she presses onward.

After a typhoon (where Joe meets God and thanks him) Joe and Patricia both jump into the volcano, but the volcano blasts them out onto a raft and they are then rescued by a shi

| 1990 | 1 hr 42 min | 5.8/10 | 45/100
John Patrick Shanley

Also directed by John Patrick Shanley

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