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  • 2008
  • 6.5  (94)

Jor is a Bengali-language film that was released in 2008. The movie is an action thriller that revolves around the life of a simple farmer named Jitendra Das (played by Subrat Dutta) who gets caught up in a web of corruption and politics. The movie is directed by Swapan Ghosal and produced by Shree Venkatesh Films. The movie begins with Jitendra Das, a farmer living with his family, who is struggling to cope with the increasing pressure from the local politician Pandey. When Jitendra refuses to give in to his demands, he is beaten up and left for dead. But he survives the attack, and his life is forever changed when he is introduced to a journalist named Amar (played by Sumit Ganguly).

Amar helps Jitendra to get justice from the corrupt and powerful politician Pandey (played by Dipankar Dey) who has been exploiting the local villagers for his own gain. Jitendra becomes a symbol of resistance against the oppressive regime of Pandey and his cronies.

The story of the movie is narrated through the perspectives of Jitendra and Amar, who are both working towards the same goal in their own ways. We see how Jitendra, a simple farmer, transforms into a fearless leader who is willing to fight for the rights of his people, while Amar is a dedicated journalist who is determined to expose the corruption and bring justice to the oppressed.

The movie is filled with suspense, action, and drama, as Jitendra's quest for justice takes him through a series of intense and often violent encounters with Pandey and his goons. The film is also interspersed with emotional and poignant moments, as we see Jitendra's family members struggle to come to terms with the violence and injustice that they have witnessed.

The performances in the movie are top-notch, with Subrat Dutta delivering a powerful and emotionally charged performance as Jitendra. He perfectly captures the transformation of a simple farmer into a fearless leader, who is willing to risk everything to fight for his people's rights.

Dipankar Dey, who plays the corrupt politician Pandey, is equally impressive, portraying the character with ease and conviction. His subtle yet menacing performance makes him the perfect villain, who you just love to hate.

Sumit Ganguly shines as the journalist Amar, who provides the critical support that Jitendra needs in his fight for justice. His portrayal of the character is both convincing and compelling, and he adds a layer of depth and nuance to the film.

The movie's direction is excellent, with Swapan Ghosal skillfully balancing the action, drama, and suspense elements of the movie. The cinematography is beautiful, with the lush countryside of Bengal perfectly captured on screen.

Overall, Jor is a must-watch movie for anyone who loves a good action thriller with a strong social message. It is a powerful and thought-provoking story that tackles issues of corruption, bureaucracy, and oppression, with great finesse. The movie is a shining example of the quality of Bengali cinema, and it is a perfect example of how good storytelling can transcend language and cultural barriers.

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