Journey into Fear

"Everyone they meet...every door they open...every corner they turn...could be their last!"
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The movie Journey Into Fear follows a geologist who finds oil in the mountains of Turkey. Someone finds out about what he found and hires an assassin to kill him. He gets on a boat in order to escape. It turns out the assassin is hidden as another passenger on the same boat.

| 1974 | | 5.5/10
Sam Waterston, Zero Mostel, Yvette Mimieux, Scott Marlowe
For the 1943 film starring, see Journey into Fear (1943 film). Journey into Fear is a 1975 Canadian thriller film directed by Daniel Mann, and based on the novel Journey into Fear by Eric Ambler. It starred Sam Waterston, Zero Mostel, Yvette Mimieux, Vin
Journey into Fear
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