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"Meet Kenny, the kid next door. He'll be eleven tomorrow. He'll be your pal forever."
  • PG
  • 1976
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 7.2  (774)

Kenny & Company is a 1976 coming-of-age film directed by Don Coscarelli. Set in the suburbs of California during the 1970s, the film follows a group of young boys and their misadventures during their summer break. The film stars Dan McCann as Kenny and A. Michael Baldwin and Jeff Roth as his friends Doug and Sherman, respectively. The film begins with the start of summer break, and Kenny and his friends are left to their own devices. With no school to attend, the trio can now spend their days how they please. To combat boredom, they decide to embark on a series of adventures around their neighborhood in search of excitement.

Throughout the film, the boys explore and discover the joys of life through their various experiences. Whether it is sneaking into a drive-in movie theater, breaking into an empty house or getting lost in the woods, the boys are always up for a challenge. But these experiences also reveal the insecurities and struggles they face in navigating the complexities of growing up.

Kenny & Company showcases the nuances of childhood in a way that is both relatable and authentic. The film explores various themes such as friendship, peer pressure, love, and acceptance. The boys' interactions with their family and loved ones also highlight the struggles of navigating parent-child relationships.

The cast of the film delivers a convincing performance, capturing the essence of childhood and the struggles of growing up. Dan McCann's performance as Kenny perfectly captures the vulnerability and complexity of childhood, while A. Michael Baldwin and Jeff Roth deliver convincing performances as Kenny's friends. The supporting cast, including the actors in the role of the boys' parents, also does an excellent job of bringing depth and nuance to the film.

The cinematography and direction in the film are also noteworthy. Cinematographer Paul Pepper perfectly captures the suburban setting of the film, with its iconic palm trees and picturesque landscapes. Director Don Coscarelli also creates a nostalgic and authentic atmosphere, capturing the essence of the 1970s.

Overall, Kenny & Company is a heartwarming and genuine portrayal of childhood and growing up. The film effectively captures the joys and struggles of childhood with a level of nuance and authenticity that is often missing from Hollywood portrayals of the same theme. While the film may not be as well-known as other coming-of-age films, it is undoubtedly a touching and memorable experience that is worth a watch.

Kenny & Company
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