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  • 1994
  • 5.3  (428)

Khuddar is a romantic-action Bollywood movie from 1994 that stars Govinda, Karisma Kapoor, and Shakti Kapoor in key roles. The movie is a typical Bollywood potboiler with lots of action, romance, and drama interwoven into the plot. The protagonist of the movie is Raju (Govinda), who is a simpleton from a small village. He is kind-hearted but is unfortunately often taken for a ride by people he trusts. Raju has a big dream of making it big in the city and becomes a taxi driver to earn a living. Along the way, he falls in love with a rich girl named Meena (Karisma Kapoor). Meena is not interested in Raju at first but soon finds herself attracted to his innocence and kindness.

However, Raju's life takes a turn when he witnesses a murder committed by a notorious gangster named Chotu (Shakti Kapoor). Raju decides to testify in court against Chotu, despite knowing that it could put his own life in danger. This leads to a series of events where Chotu and his cronies try to kill Raju, and he has to use all his wit and courage to survive.

The movie has some intense action sequences, including car chases, fist-fights, and gun battles. Govinda is brilliant in his portrayal of a man who is caught in a difficult situation but still manages to come out on top. Karisma Kapoor is also good in her role as the love interest of Raju. She brings a certain charm to her character, which makes the romance in the movie enjoyable.

Shakti Kapoor shines as the villain in the movie. He portrays a character that is ruthless, cunning, and yet has a certain charm to him. He is the perfect antagonist for Govinda, and the two actors share a great chemistry on-screen.

The movie also has some great songs, including "Is Jahan Ki Nahi Hai," "Aaj Kaho Sanam Jitna Pyaar Karoon," and "Sajna Tere Pyaar Mein." The music is composed by Anu Malik, and the lyrics are by Sameer. The songs are catchy and add to the overall entertainment value of the movie.

The direction by Iqbal Durrani is good, and he manages to keep the movie engaging throughout its runtime. The cinematography by Nadeem Khan and editing by Yusuf Sheikh are also decent.

Overall, Khuddar is an entertaining movie that will appeal to fans of the action-romance genre. It has some great performances, good music, and enough drama and action to keep the viewers engaged. It is a movie that can be enjoyed with the family and is worth a watch.

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