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  • 1998
  • 4.1  (533)

Maharaja is a Bollywood film from 1998 that stars Govinda, Manisha Koirala, and Raj Babbar, among others. The movie is directed by Anil Sharma and produced by Naraindas Mukhija. The film tells the story of a young man named Raja who becomes the ruler of a small kingdom after his father's death. He struggles to overcome the challenges of being a king, including political intrigue and assassination attempts, while also trying to win the heart of the woman he loves.

The movie begins with the introduction of Raja (Govinda), a carefree and happy-go-lucky guy who has no interest in becoming the king of his father's kingdom, called Ranimahal. However, fate has other plans for him, as his father, the king, dies unexpectedly, leaving him to take his place. Initially, Raja is reluctant to take on the responsibility of being a king, but with the help of his advisors, he slowly starts to understand the significance of his role.

As Raja struggles to adjust to his new life, he meets a beautiful woman named Madhu (Manisha Koirala), who captures his heart. However, Madhu is already engaged to a man named Ajay Singh (Prem Chopra), who is far wealthier and more powerful than Raja. Despite this, Raja remains determined to win Madhu's heart and marry her.

As Raja tries to win Madhu's love, he is also faced with a number of challenges from his political rivals, led by the corrupt Rana Jung Bahadur (Raj Babbar). Jung Bahadur wants to take over Ranimahal and will stop at nothing to see Raja removed from power. He hires a hitman named Brijnath (Shakti Kapoor) to assassinate Raja, but the attempt fails.

As the threats against him continue, Raja realizes that he cannot rely solely on his advisors to protect him. He takes matters into his own hands and begins to devise a plan to outsmart his enemies. With Madhu's help, Raja is able to expose Jung Bahadur's true intentions, and he ultimately emerges victorious against his enemies.

Maharaja is a classic Bollywood film that offers a mix of romance, action, and drama. The movie features some of the biggest stars of Indian cinema, including Govinda, Manisha Koirala, and Raj Babbar, among others. The film's director, Anil Sharma, is known for his larger-than-life style of filmmaking, and Maharaja is no exception. The movie's action sequences are particularly memorable, as are its elaborate dance sequences.

The film's music, composed by Nadeem-Shravan, is also noteworthy, with standout tracks like "Tum Toh Dhokebaaz Ho" and "Aaiye Humse Mulaqaat Kijiye" becoming popular hits. The movie's cinematography is also impressive, with its sweeping shots of the palace and its surroundings.

Overall, Maharaja is a must-watch for fans of Bollywood cinema. The movie offers something for everyone, with its blend of romance, action, and drama. Govinda's performance as Raja is particularly notable, as he effortlessly portrays the character's transformation from a carefree young man to a responsible king. Manisha Koirala is also excellent as Madhu, and her chemistry with Govinda is undeniable. With its memorable music, spectacular dance sequences, and entertaining plot, Maharaja is sure to keep audiences engaged from beginning to end.

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