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  • NR
  • 2007
  • 6.1  (3,490)

Apne is a Bollywood sports drama movie that tells the story of an estranged family trying to overcome their past differences and unite in the sport of boxing. The movie opens with a struggling former boxer named Baldev Singh (played by Dharmendra) who is living a lonely life in his village in Punjab. Baldev is bitter towards his son, Angad (played by Sunny Deol), who is also a boxer but has left the family to pursue his dreams in Canada. Baldev's younger son, Karan (played by Bobby Deol), is a nurse who works in Delhi and has no interest in boxing.

One day, Baldev learns about a boxing tournament in Canada and decides to take it as an opportunity to reconnect with his sons. He convinces Karan to join him on the trip, and together they fly to Canada to support Angad, who is participating in the tournament.

Upon reaching Canada, Baldev faces multiple challenges, including Angad's reluctance to talk to him and his ongoing feud with the tournament organiser, Micky (played by Boman Irani). However, Baldev's determination and love for his family keep him going, and he succeeds in bringing his family together.

The movie revolves around the themes of family, redemption, and the love for the sport of boxing. It portrays the emotional journey of a broken family trying to mend their relationships and support each other in the pursuit of their passion.

With powerful performances by the veteran actors, emotional music, and intense boxing sequences, Apne is a must-watch movie for fans of Bollywood dramas and sports movies. The movie showcases the struggles and sacrifices that boxers have to make to achieve success in their sport and highlights the importance of family support in the journey of life.

The movie also explores the dynamics of relationships between fathers and sons, brothers, and rivals in the sport of boxing, giving a glimpse into the world of boxing beyond the ring.

Overall, Apne is a heartwarming and inspiring movie that will leave audiences feeling uplifted and emotionally connected with the characters. Dharmendra, Sunny Deol, and Bobby Deol give outstanding performances, making this movie a treat for fans of Bollywood cinema.

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    6.1  (3,490)