Kindar The Invulnerable

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  • 1965
  • 1 hr 37 min
  • 4.9  (156)

Kindar The Invulnerable is an epic Italian sword and sandal film from 1965, featuring the larger-than-life heroics of actor Mark Forest as the title character, and directed by Osvaldo Civirani. The story is set in a fictitious kingdom named Thessaly, ruled by Queen Zoraida (played by Rosalba Neri) and her evil counselor, Balthus (played by Mimmo Palmara). Kindar is a wanderer and warrior, who arrives in Thessaly to sell his wares, only to be drawn into the web of intrigue that surrounds the queen and her court.

The protagonist is initially seen performing a feat of strength, lifting a horse from the ground and spinning it around before throwing it down, thus impressing a nearby merchant who hires him to sell his wares in Thessaly. Once there, Kindar discovers that the queen of Thessaly is under the control of Balthus. With his charm and physical prowess, Kindar captures the attention of the queen and sets out to aid her against the evil Balthus. Along the way, he battles an array of monsters including a cyclops and a metal griffin, all while trying to thwart Balthus's plan to seize control of the kingdom.

The movie is a showcase of action, adventure, and sword fighting. The fight scenes are well choreographed, and the landscape is used effectively, with sweeping vistas of mountains and forests lending an air of grandeur to the story. The lead actor, Mark Forest, was a bodybuilder before transitioning to acting, and his imposing physical presence makes him the perfect choice to play Kindar. He cuts a fine figure in his leather outfit, with flowing blonde hair and a chiseled physique.

The film is also notable for its strong female characters. While Rosalba Neri's Queen Zoraida initially appears to be a damsel in distress, she is later revealed to have a rebellious spirit and a will of her own. The character of Balthus, played with relish by Mimmo Palmara, is a formidable villain, using underhanded tactics to achieve his goals. The supporting cast includes other notable Italian actors such as Ed Fury and Eleonora Bianchi.

Another standout feature of the film is its impressive production design, with detailed sets and high quality costumes that give the film an authentic medieval feel. The use of practical effects is another strong point, with imaginative creatures and impressive battle scenes.

The 85-minute runtime of the film moves at a good pace, with no time for boredom. The storytelling is simple and straightforward, with a mix of action, romance, and political intrigue. The characters are not overly complex, but they are likeable enough to keep the viewer engaged.

The score by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino is a highlight of the film, with sweeping orchestral melodies that enhance the epic feel of the movie.

Overall, Kindar The Invulnerable is a fun and thrilling adventure, perfect for fans of the sword and sandal genre. With its charismatic lead actor, impressive action sequences, and imaginative creatures, it remains a classic of its genre.

Kindar The Invulnerable
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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    1 hr 37 min
  • IMDB Rating
    4.9  (156)