La leggenda del santo bevitore

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  • NR
  • 1988
  • 2 hr 7 min
  • 7.2  (2,115)

La leggenda del santo bevitore, also known as The Legend of the Holy Drinker, is a poignant drama movie directed by Ermanno Olmi, released in 1988. The lead role is played by Rutger Hauer who mesmerizes the audience with his powerful and captivating performance. The story is set in Paris and is based upon a novel written by Joseph Roth. The central character, Andreas Kartack, is a homeless man who spends most of his time drinking in bars. One day he is approached by a stranger who offers him two hundred francs on the condition that he repays the amount at a certain church.

Kartack finds the church, and as he enters he accidentally meets a kind priest who takes him in for the night. The priest offers him some clothes and shows him kindness and hospitality, which Kartack finds surprising. During the night, the priest tells Kartack his story of how he, too, was once an alcoholic, but he overcame his addiction through faith.

Kartack is moved by the priest's story and decides to turn over a new leaf. He manages to find some job, earn enough money to pay back the stranger, and he continues to visit the church every day. The stranger, impressed by Kartack's sincerity, gives him more money, and Kartack becomes more determined to remain sober.

But obstacles arise, and fate seems to be playing games with Kartack. As he struggles to maintain his sobriety, events from his past come back to haunt him, and he is faced with betrayals and temptations. Despite these challenges, Kartack remains focused on his goal and the promise he made to himself and the priest.

Throughout the movie, the audience witnesses Kartack's transformation, his struggles, and his eventual redemption. The film tackles several themes, including addiction, redemption, and the struggle of the human condition. The character of Kartack is nuanced, and he is portrayed as a human rather than a stereotype. Hauer's portrayal is outstanding, and the audience can identify with his feelings of despair and hopelessness.

The movie is set in the vibrant city of Paris, and the cinematography captures the beauty and the melancholic mood of the city. The director's use of soft lighting and muted colors throughout the movie adds to its dreamlike and surreal quality. The movie is not just about Kartack, but it also showcases Paris and its people.

The supporting cast, including Anthony Quayle and Sandrine Dumas, is excellent. They provide depth to the story and help to move the plot forward. Quayle's character, the stranger, is enigmatic and adds an air of mystery to the story. Sandrine Dumas portrays the role of Annabla, a young woman who supports Kartack through his struggles.

La leggenda del santo bevitore is a beautiful movie that tells a touching story. The performances are masterful, and the movie's themes are relevant even today. The film is an excellent example of how cinema can tackle complicated issues such as addiction and redemption with sensitivity and depth.

In conclusion, La leggenda del santo bevitore is a beautiful and poignant movie that is a must-watch for cinephiles. The film's themes are universal and will resonate with many. The movie's cinematography, performances, and storytelling are all exceptional. This movie will remain in your memory long after the final credits have rolled.

La leggenda del santo bevitore
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    7.2  (2,115)