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  • R
  • 1972
  • 1 hr 28 min
  • 6.3  (332)

In the film Lady Whirlwind, Angela Mao plays Miss Yeh, a skilled martial artist seeking revenge for her lover's death. The film opens with Yeh and her lover, Chao, wandering through a park when they encounter a group of men harassing a woman. Chao intervenes, but the men quickly overpower him and kill him. Yeh is devastated by his death and becomes determined to track down his killers.

The first suspect on Yeh's list is a man named Feng, who is known to have been involved in Chao's death. She seeks him out at his gym, where he is teaching martial arts to a group of students. Yeh challenges him to a fight, but he refuses, dismissing her as a woman who lacks the skills to take him down. Angry at his arrogance, Yeh returns to Feng's gym and single-handedly takes down his entire team.

The fight catches the attention of Ling, a young man who is also seeking revenge for his brother's death. Impressed by Yeh's skills, Ling offers to help her track down Chao's killers. They soon discover that Feng was not working alone and that the person behind Chao's death is actually a wealthy businessman named Li.

Yeh and Ling infiltrate Li's compound, but they are quickly discovered and forced to fight their way through a group of guards. In the chaos, Yeh is captured by Li, who plans to use her as leverage to force Ling to reveal the location of a missing jade statue. Ling manages to rescue Yeh, and the two of them work together to take down Li and his men.

Lady Whirlwind is a classic martial arts film that showcases Angela Mao's skills as a performer. Mao was one of the few female martial arts stars of the 1970s, and Lady Whirlwind allows her to showcase her impressive fight scenes and acrobatic abilities. The film's fight choreography is notable for its fluidity and realism, and the fight scenes are staged in a way that highlights the performers' skills.

In addition to its action scenes, Lady Whirlwind also features a compelling revenge story that drives the film's plot. Yeh's desire for revenge is palpable, and Mao delivers a powerful performance as a woman who is determined to get justice for her lover's death. The film also touches on themes of sexism and gender inequality, as Yeh frequently encounters men who underestimate her because of her gender.

Lady Whirlwind was directed by Huang Feng, who also directed other martial arts classics such as The Chinese Boxer and The Invincible Armor. The film's score, composed by Frankie Chan, is also notable for its use of traditional Chinese instruments that enhance the film's martial arts scenes.

In conclusion, Lady Whirlwind is a classic martial arts film that features impressive fight scenes and a compelling revenge story. Angela Mao delivers a standout performance as Miss Yeh, a skilled martial artist seeking justice for her lover's death. The film remains a favorite among martial arts fans and stands as a testament to Mao's legacy as a female martial arts star.

Lady Whirlwind
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