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  • PG
  • 2005
  • 1 hr 40 min
  • 6.7  (4,626)
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Lassie is a heartwarming family film released in 2005, directed by Charles Sturridge. This film is a remake of the classic 1943 film, Lassie Come Home, which is based on the novel written by Eric Knight. The story takes place in the English countryside during the Great Depression. A struggling family, the Carracloughs, are forced to sell their beloved collie, Lassie, to the wealthy Duke of Rudling (Peter O’Toole) due to financial difficulties. Young Joe Carraclough (Jonathan Mason) is heartbroken as he and Lassie share a special bond, and Lassie is equally devastated being taken away from her family.

However, Lassie is not happy in her new home and is determined to escape and return to Joe. She manages to escape from the Duke's estate and begins her journey back home. Along the way, Lassie faces many obstacles including being taken in by the army during the war, being sold to a cruel circus owner, and facing danger on a cliff-top.

Meanwhile, the Carraclough family is struggling without their beloved pet, and Joe is determined to find Lassie and bring her back home. His father, Sam (John Lynch), also joins the search party and they are determined to find Lassie no matter what.

Samantha Morton plays Sarah, a traveling painter who meets Lassie on her journey and becomes a close ally in helping Lassie find her way back home. Peter Dinklage also makes a brief appearance as the cruel circus owner Maclennon.

As Lassie continues her journey, she meets many new friends, including a kind-hearted traveling street performer and his dog, and a young girl who takes Lassie in and cares for her. However, Lassie’s primary mission is to find Joe and be reunited with her original family.

Overall, Lassie is a heartwarming family film that captures the bond between a boy and his dog. It showcases the loyalty and determination of Lassie to find her way back home, while also exploring themes such as love, loss, and family. The film includes stunning cinematography of the English countryside, and the performances by the cast are charming and endearing. Lassie is a must-watch film for dog lovers and families looking for a wholesome and heartwarming movie experience.

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