A Foreign Field

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This is a dramatic movie about older veterans who visit the Normandy coast where they fought during World War II. Cyril is a British veteran and Waldo is an American veteran. They have separately come to Normandy in France to visit the final resting place of their comrades. Neither of them has met, but they do have a love interest in common. In 1944, each of them met a woman, and they both carry a fond memory of her.

These two meet, and review their history of the time they fought. Together they realize there are many reasons for their trip.

1993 | 1 hr 35 min | 8.1/10
Alec Guinness, Leo McKern, Edward Herrmann, John Randolph
Charles Sturridge
Produced By
Martyn Auty, Richard Broke, Steve Lanning
A Foreign Field
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