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  • PG-13
  • 1987
  • 93 hr
  • 6.9  (362)

Travelling North is an Australian drama film that tells the story of two older individuals who fall in love and embark on a journey of self-discovery, freedom, and personal growth in their later years. The film was released in 1987 and directed by Carl Schulz, with a screenplay by David Williamson. The movie focuses on the character of Frank (Leo McKern), a retired engineer who leaves his family in Melbourne to travel up north to Queensland. Despite his family's attempts to persuade him to stay close, Frank's desires to live life on his own terms lead him to buy a farmhouse and settle in the countryside. There he meets and befriends the good-natured and lively Frances (Julia Blake), who has also left Melbourne behind to start a new life.

Frank and Frances soon fall in love with each other and begin to build a happy life together. However, throughout the film, we see both characters grappling with the challenges and limitations that come with growing older. Frank's health begins to deteriorate, and his insistence on maintaining his independence clashes with his fear and loneliness. Frances, meanwhile, must learn to navigate her new life without her former spouse and adjust to living in a new environment.

Alongside these character arcs, the film also delves into the themes of family dynamics and generational conflict. Frank's relationship with his children, particularly his daughter, is fraught with tension as they disapprove of his actions and choices. The film also explores the idea of the older generation's struggle to find their place in a rapidly changing world, as Frank and Frances reminisce about their former lives and come to terms with their present circumstances.

One of the film's greatest strengths is its central performances, with both Leo McKern and Julia Blake delivering nuanced and thoughtful portrayals of older characters still searching for meaning and purpose in their later years. McKern, in particular, offers a remarkable performance that showcases his range as an actor, moving fluidly from moments of humor to moments of profound sadness and vulnerability. Blake, too, imbues her character with warmth, intelligence, and humor, making Frances both an engaging and sympathetic figure.

Another standout feature of the film is its stunning cinematography, with the breathtaking Australian landscapes serving as a natural backdrop for the characters' emotional journeys. Schulz and his team capture the nuances of the surroundings and the grandeur of nature, crafting a visual language that complements the subtleties of the film's themes and performances.

Overall, Travelling North is a poignant and beautifully crafted film that explores the complexities of aging, love, and life's transitions. With its strong performances, sharp writing, and stunning visuals, the movie offers a compelling portrait of two individuals forging their path in a world that often feels uncertain and unforgiving.

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  • Runtime
    93 hr
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (362)