Le Chat et la souris

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Le Chat et la souris, also known as Cat and Mouse, is a 1975 French mystery movie. The film begins when a wealthy man named Monsieur Richard dies under mysterious circumstances. Two detectives with clashing personalities, inspectors Lechat and Chemin, are assigned to the chase. Initially, it is hard to tell if Monsieur Richard, a businessman in the cusp of success, had decided to commit suicide or what been murdered. Clues fall into place and the two detectives determine that it was indeed a case of murder. As they search through the dead man's life, digging up details that are better left uncovered, it becomes clear that quite a number of parties stand to benefit from his death and it is up to Lechat and Chemin to determine the truth.

| 1975 | 1 hr 48 min | 6.7/10
Michèle Morgan, Serge Reggiani, Philippe Léotard, Jean-Pierre Aumont
Les Films 13
Claude Lelouch
Le Chat et la souris
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Also starring Michèle Morgan