Le Repos du Guerrier [Love on a Pillow]

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  • 1962
  • 1 hr 42 min
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Le Repos du Guerrier, also known as Love on a Pillow, is a 1962 French drama film directed by Roger Vadim and starring Brigitte Bardot, Robert Hossein, and Jean-Marc Bory. The film tells the story of a young, wealthy woman named Genevieve who becomes infatuated with a troubled artist named Renaud. Genevieve is a successful but unhappy Parisian businesswoman who is struggling to find meaning in her life. She is engaged to a wealthy businessman who she does not love and she feels disconnected from her family and friends. One day, Genevieve receives a call from a man named Renaud who is in desperate need of help. Renaud is a struggling artist who is addicted to drugs and alcohol and he has just attempted suicide. Genevieve decides to visit Renaud in his dilapidated apartment and an intense physical and emotional attraction develops between the two.

As Genevieve spends more time with Renaud, she begins to see him as a misunderstood and tortured artist who simply needs someone to care for him. She becomes increasingly involved in Renaud's life and eventually moves in with him, leaving behind her luxurious apartment and her fiancé. The relationship between Genevieve and Renaud becomes more and more intense as they both struggle with their inner demons and the pressures of society.

Love on a Pillow explores themes of love, obsession, and addiction. The film is a character study of two people who are lost and searching for meaning in their lives. Genevieve and Renaud are both deeply flawed individuals who are brought together by their shared loneliness and desperation. The film provides insight into the complexities of relationships and the struggles that people face when trying to connect with one another.

Brigitte Bardot gives a stunning performance as Genevieve, the beautiful but troubled woman who becomes consumed by her love for Renaud. Her performance captures the vulnerability and raw emotion of the character and provides a glimpse into the inner workings of someone struggling with their own identity. Robert Hossein delivers a powerful performance as Renaud, the tortured artist who is lost in his own world of addiction and self-destruction. His performance is haunting and unforgettable.

The film is also notable for its beautiful cinematography and its use of surrealistic imagery. The scenes between Genevieve and Renaud are shot in dreamy soft focus, creating a sense of intimacy and vulnerability. The film also features a memorable score by jazz musician Michel Legrand, which adds to the film's dreamlike quality.

Overall, Love on a Pillow is a must-see film for fans of Brigitte Bardot and French cinema. The film is a powerful exploration of relationships, addiction, and the human condition. The performances are superb, the cinematography is beautiful, and the score is memorable. Love on a Pillow is a timeless classic that continues to resonate with audiences today.

Le Repos du Guerrier [Love on a Pillow]
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