LEGO: Hero Factory: Rise of the Rookies

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  • NR
  • 2010
  • 1 hr 28 min

LEGO: Hero Factory: Rise of the Rookies is a CGI-animated film that is part of the LEGO Hero Factory franchise. The movie centers around a group of young heroes known as rookies who are tasked with defending a city from an evil force that threatens to destroy it. The story takes place in Makuhero City, a futuristic metropolis that is home to the Hero Factory - an organization that creates robotic heroes to protect the citizens from danger. After a group of villains led by the sinister Von Nebula escape from prison, the Hero Factory sends a team of rookies to capture them and bring them back to justice.

The rookies are led by the wise and experienced hero Stormer (voiced by John Schneider), who teaches them the importance of teamwork and learning from their mistakes. The team consists of Furno (voiced by Eric Christian Olsen), a hot-headed hero with a fiery temper, Breez (voiced by Bryton James), a compassionate hero who can communicate with animals, Surge (voiced by Sean Astin), a hyperactive hero with electric powers, and Bulk (voiced by Christopher B. Duncan), a strong and reliable hero who is always ready for action.

The rookies face an uphill battle as they try to capture the villains, who are all armed with powerful weapons and a thirst for destruction. Along the way, they encounter challenges and obstacles that test their skills and determination, including a massive lava pit and a dangerous jungle filled with deadly creatures.

The movie also features the iconic actor Henry Winkler, who voices the character of Professor Nathaniel Zib - the brains behind the Hero Factory who provides the rookies with the tools and technology they need to succeed.

As the rookies continue their mission, they begin to realize that there is more at stake than just capturing the villains. They must also learn to work together as a team and trust each other if they hope to save Makuhero City from total destruction.

Overall, LEGO: Hero Factory: Rise of the Rookies is a fun and action-packed movie that is sure to entertain fans of the LEGO brand and superhero genre. With a talented voice cast and impressive CGI animation, this film is a great addition to the Hero Factory franchise and a must-see for anyone who loves a good hero story.

LEGO: Hero Factory: Rise of the Rookies
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