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  • R
  • 1990
  • 1 hr 43 min
  • 7.4  (11,137)
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Life Is Sweet is a 1990 British comedy-drama film written and directed by Mike Leigh, starring Alison Steadman, Jim Broadbent, and Claire Skinner. The film tells the story of a working-class family living in London over the course of several months. The film is a terrific meditation on the passage of time and the ups and downs of life.

The story follows the Kerr family as they navigate through the ups and downs of everyday life. There is Wendy, played by Alison Steadman, a good-natured and caring mother of two who is happy with her life, but dreams of bigger things. Her husband, Andy, played by Jim Broadbent, is a kind and easy-going man, who is content with his life, but frustrated by his lack of ambition.

Their twin daughters, Natalie (Claire Skinner) and Nicola (Jane Horrocks), are polar opposites. Natalie is happy-go-lucky, content with her job as a plumber and her boyfriend, but Nicola is a moody, pretentious, and sullen young woman who is constantly at odds with her family and herself.

Throughout the film, we see the Kerr family as they deal with everyday challenges, including financial troubles, personal problems, and relationship issues. However, despite these challenges, they remain a close-knit family who support each other through thick and thin.

In addition to the Kerr family, the film features a colorful cast of supporting characters, including a flamboyant restaurant owner, a cantankerous plumber, and a troubled neighbor. These characters add depth and humor to the film, and provide a sense of the larger community that the Kerr family is a part of.

One of the most striking things about Life Is Sweet is how true to life it feels. The film is not afraid to show the messy and imperfect aspects of everyday life, and it does so with great warmth and humor. The film examines the complexities of family dynamics and the ways in which we cope with life's challenges.

Much of the film's appeal lies in the performances of the talented cast. Alison Steadman delivers a brilliant performance as Wendy, infusing the character with warmth, humor, and pathos. Jim Broadbent also shines as Andy, imbuing the character with a sense of gentle sincerity that makes him instantly likable. Claire Skinner and Jane Horrocks are both fantastic as the twins, capturing the complexities of their characters with nuance and subtlety.

Life Is Sweet is a film that rewards careful attention. It is a subtle and insightful exploration of the joys and sorrows of everyday life, and it is a testament to the resilience and strength of the human spirit. The film is a powerful reminder that life is not always easy, but it is always worth living. It's a must-see for fans of intelligent and emotionally powerful filmmaking.

Life Is Sweet
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