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  • 2011
  • 59 min
  • 5.9  (48)

Life of Lemon is a dramatic movie from 2011, directed by Laura Brownson and produced by Crystal Powell. The movie tells the story of Lemon (played by Jerry Wood), a middle-aged man living a seemingly unfulfilling life in Dayton, Ohio. Lemon is stuck in a rut, working at a steel factory, drinking too much and living alone. Lemon feels his life is incomplete due to the tragic death of his wife and child, which left him devastated and longing for a change. He has never been able to overcome this loss, and his estranged relationship with his only living relative, his brother, makes matters worse.

As the movie progresses, we see Lemon trying to find meaning in his life by capturing moments and turning them into memories. However, his efforts are repeatedly thwarted by his past, which keeps haunting him. He struggles with loneliness, depression, and addiction while trying to come to terms with his past and his present.

The story takes a turn when Lemon runs into an old friend, Paul (played by Dan Lauria), a man with a checkered past who has turned his life around. Lemon finds solace in Paul's friendship and begins to see a glimmer of hope in his own life. Paul introduces him to Emma, a local nurse who becomes a beacon of light in Lemon's life.

The movie portrays the journey of Lemon's emotional transformation, as he confronts his inner demons and learns to let go of his past. The characters in the movie are portrayed realistically without any exaggerated emotions, making the storyline authentic and relatable.

The performances of the actors are commendable. Jerry Wood captures the essence of the character with his soulful performance, conveying the despair and longing of a man who has lost everything. Dan Lauria portrays the role of Paul with a gruffness that softens over time, demonstrating his transformation towards a more compassionate man. Willie C. Carpenter and Barry Kneller deliver solid and nuanced performances, adding depth to their characters.

The movie's visual elements are shot in an unobtrusive style that suits the scenes, with muted colours that portray the bleak life of the protagonist, underscoring the sense of hopelessness he feels. The soundtrack, composed by Yo La Tengo, complements the narrative with its understated and melancholic tunes.

In conclusion, Life of Lemon is an emotionally charged movie that sensitively portrays the struggles of a man trying to find meaning in his life. The movie's storyline, though simple, is impactful, making the audience feel empathetic towards the protagonist. The movie is a poignant reminder of how life can be unpredictable and that hope can be found in unexpected places. It's a must-watch movie for anyone who has experienced grief, loss and has been searching for meaning in their lives.

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    5.9  (48)